TF magazine #1

Array — February, 22 2016

This first edition of TF Magazine was developed in 2012. The function of a company goes far beyond the production of goods or services. Each company has a role to play,

TLmag Nasza Polska

Array — February, 16 2016

With Nasza Polska (translating as ‘our Poland), Pro Materia and TLmag brought contemporary Polish design into the spotlight. After an extensive tour in Warsaw, Cmielow, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow and Szumin,

TF Magazine #2

Array — February, 16 2016

TF Carries Metal Work Further Innovation takes shape in furniture, creative projects, cities and their users In this second edition of TF magazine, you will find a series of articles and interviews with our customers,

TLmag Istanbul

Array — February, 16 2016

Istanbul – Emerging as a Centre of Design and Lifestyle Stunning photography reveals Istanbul, its hidden know-how, treasures, impressive atmosphere and its design-led scene. Much more than a city guide, this edition offers an inspiring tour of Istanbul,

TLmag Norwegian Craft

Array — February, 16 2016

An Artistic Category Open to Experimentation ‘Rugged’ and ‘weathered’ is how Norway’s natural anthem characterises the country. the climate is harsh, and before oil made the inhabitants rich, their lifestyle was marked by austerity.