TF magazine #1

— February, 22 2016

This first edition of TF Magazine was developed in 2012. The function of a company goes far beyond the production of goods or services. Each company has a role to play, influencing society and the environment in which we live. Each company is a reflection of our society. Society is also the reflection of life within the company. Over the past few years, Tôlerie Forézienne, TF, has experienced continued growth. New experiences and new encounters have played a major part in its development. Within these pages, you will discover our work, our expertise and our values. We want you to see and experience the environment in which we operate. So we have invited our clients, partners and collaborators to reveal their daily challenges to you, here Our aspiration is to play our part in today’s society, and we want to share this with you. We invite you to read on! – Thierry Van Kerm