Celebrating its 20-years anniversary in 2019, Pro Materia has been founded in 1999 by Lise Coirier as an international creative consultancy. The agency has been curating since a decade the print and online magazine, TLmag_True Living of Art & Design, and a series of editorial and design-led projects. Pro Materia has also initiated and organized exhibitions and collaborative workshops while facilitating many cultural cooperation projects co-financed by the EU Creative Europe Programme, such as Glass is Tomorrow and Human Cities. Since five years, Pro Materia has also launched its new gallery space Spazio Nobile located at the piano nobile of a 1920s building in Brussels, as well as its online store, focusing on contemporary applied arts, design and photography. You can read and follow the biannual print as well as the online magazine: tlmagazine.com and browse on our gallery page to discover our past, current and upcoming exhibitions and fairs: spazionobile.com

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Our expertise

  • Curation
  • Consultancy
  • International Projects
  • Collaborative Workshops
  • Publishing

We offer a wide range of services

Pro Materia offers a range of high-end services and expertise: curation, production, representation, organization, management, facilitation, and documentation in a range of mediums including publications, workshops, exhibitions, and gallery presentations. Pro Materia’s international team is always open to review and get involved into potential partnerships.

Our signature projects

A New Layer Taiwan

A New Layer II: Design stories from Taiwan to the world
Designers from across Asia and Europe partner with Taiwanese craftspeople to produce highly experimental new design works.
Led by NTCRI (National Taiwanese Craft Research and Development Institute), 

Spazio Nobile

Spazio Nobile Gallery – Contemporary Applied Arts, Design and Photography
By opening Spazio Nobile in 2016, in the dynamic and cosmopolitan Ixelles neighbourhood of Brussels (Belgium), Lise Coirier and Gian Giuseppe Simeone have united their passions for design and art history, initiating a dialogue between contemporary applied arts, design and photography, the visual arts interacting with the fine arts. 

TL Magazine_True Living of Art & Design

TLmag is an international biannual print and continuous online magazine dedicated to curating and capturing the collectible culture. It has evolved for a decade with creative influencers that have shaped the contemporary art and design scene.

Glass Is Tomorrow

Promoting design-led craft, Glass is Tomorrow brought together a series of emerging design talents with glassmakers for a series of workshops in european glassworks, mounted multiple exhibitions and published a culminating book.

Human Cities

Challenging the city scale, interdisciplinary exchange platform Human Cities is a concept created in 2006 by the Belgian association Pro Materia and co-funded from 2014-2018 by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union.

TF Urban

Pro Materia has been the art advisor of TF since 2007 and has supported the brand to develop itself until now in order to position itself on the highly competitive French and international urban design markets.

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Spazio Nobile GalleryCeS_PLATES_100_277A0149

Spazio Nobile front

Photo: Jörg Braüer

EN_ By opening Spazio Nobile in 2016 in the very lively and cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Place Brugmann in Brussels, art historians Lise Coirier and Gian Giuseppe Simeone have united their passions for design and art history, initiating an erudite dialogue between contemporary applied arts, design and photography. With no boundaries between disciplines, the visual arts interact with the fine arts. Commissioning a collection of unique pieces, limited editions and installations both experimental and artistic, with a particular sensitivity to everything related to nature and minerality, each year the gallery organises five exhibitions and several events in art and heritage venues (Maison Louis Carré, Yvelines, France, arch. Alvar Aalto; Ancienne Nonciature, Grand Sablon, Lempertz (former galerie Leroy Frères), Brussels, etc). Spazio Nobile also takes part in Belgian and international fairs such as Art Brussels, Luxembourg Art Week, Art on Paper, Collectible Design Fair, PAD Paris and PAD London, Design Miami / Basel, Unique Design Shanghai, etc. The gallery is celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2021, and represents around 30 emerging and renowned artists and designers on an international scale, while promoting high-end craftsmanship and the cultures of East and West. Spazio Nobile also curates “TLmag_True Living of Art & Design”, established by Lise Coirier in 2008; through this bi-annual art and design magazine, available in print and online, the gallery shares its selection and its artistic and cultural commitment to collectible art and design. Spazio Nobile has received the Homo Faber label of excellence, and continues exploring its “Glass is Tomorrow” international project. In 2020, Spazio Nobile Gallery opened Spazio Nobile Studiolo, a permanent exhibition space located across from the main gallery which is located at the ‘bel étage’ of a 1920s house. The ‘Studiolo’ was the Italian Renaissance ancestor of the cabinet of curiosities. Simultaneously intimate, educational, symbolic and allegorical, it is open to the public, creating an environment that encourages discovery, and shaped a taste and appreciation for the arts. Its thematic window display can be unexpected, and provides illumination into Spazio Nobile through its curated exhibitions. Spazio Nobile also has a window display in the heart of the Sablon – Brussels Arts District, in the atelier of artist Bela Silva, across from Brussels’ Baroque Minimes Church.


FR_ En ouvrant Spazio Nobile Gallery en 2016 dans le quartier cosmopolite de la place Brugmann à Bruxelles, Lise Coirier et Gian Giuseppe Simeone, tous deux historiens de l’art, ont uni leurs passions pour la création et l’histoire de l’art, en initiant un dialogue érudit entre les arts appliqués contemporains, le design et la photographie. Sans tisser de frontières entre les disciplines, les arts visuels interagissent avec les beaux-arts. Initiant une collection de pièces uniques, d’éditions limitées et d’installations à la fois expérimentales et artistiques, avec une sensibilité particulière à tout ce qui touche à la nature et à la minéralité, la galerie organise chaque année jusqu’à cinq expositions et plusieurs événements dans des hauts lieux d’art et de patrimoine (Maison Louis Carré, Yvelines, France, arch. Alvar Aalto ; L’Ancienne Nonciature, Grand Sablon, Lempertz (ex-galerie Leroy Frères), Bruxelles, …). Spazio Nobile participe aussi à des salons d’art belges et internationaux tels que Art Brussels, Luxembourg Art Week, Art On Paper, Collectible Design Fair, PAD Paris et PAD London, Design Miami / Basel, Unique Design Shanghai… La galerie fête ses cinq ans en 2021 et représente une trentaine d’artistes et de designers émergents et renommés à l’échelle internationale tout en promouvant le savoir-faire d’excellence et les cultures d’Orient et d’Occident. Spazio Nobile est également l’éditeur de « TLmag_True Living of Art & Design » né en 2008, le magazine semestriel d’art et de design, imprimé et en ligne, partageant ainsi sa sélection et son engagement artistique et culturel envers l’art et le design de collection. La galerie a reçu le label d’excellence « Homo Faber » et perpétue son projet « Glass is Tomorrow ». Depuis 2020, Spazio Nobile Gallery a ouvert Spazio Nobile Studiolo, un espace d’exposition qui a pignon sur rue en face de la galerie situé au ‘bel étage’ de la maison des années 1920. Le « Studiolo » est un ancêtre du « cabinet de curiosités » de la Renaissance italienne. À la fois intime, didactique, symbolique et allégorique, il est ouvert au public et crée un environnement propice à la découverte, forgeant le goût et l’appréciation des arts. Sa vitrine thématique est surprenante et traduit une pensée éclairée de Spazio Nobile au fil de ses expositions. Outre sa présence en haut de la ville, Spazio Nobile a également inauguré une vitrine d’exposition au cœur du Sablon – quartier des Arts  – dans l’atelier de l’artiste Bela Silva, en face de l’église baroque des Minimes à Bruxelles.


Spazio Nobile is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 until 18.00 or by appointment.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email : Lise Coirier – [email protected] assisted by Salomé Elbaz – [email protected] / Gian Giuseppe Simeone – [email protected]

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Seasonal curated exhibitions at the gallery

Season I – Post Natural History, 20.04-11.09.2016 – Catalog artists: Vincent Fournier, Kaspar Hamacher, Nathalie Dewez, Tomáš Libertíny, Carlo Brandelli

Season IPost Natural History, 20.04-11.09.2016 – Catalog brands: Thonet, Lasvit, Vervloet, Wästberg

Season II Forest of Lights, 15.09-20.11.2016 – Jörg Bräuer, Kaspar Hamacher, Nathalie Dewez

Season III Silver Edition, 25.11.2016-19.02.2017 – 25 designers for the 25th edition of TLmag and 25th Interieur Biennale Silver Lining

Season IV Crystallized, 23.02-15.04.2017– Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Marie Dessuant & Philip Bone, Studio GGSV, Taeg Nishimoto, Marlène Huissoud, Tom Joyce, Antonio Lampecco, Richu Lacquer Art Co, Isaac Monté, Frederick Vidal, Philipp Weber, Tomáš Libertíny

Season VChronosophia, 20.04-23.09.2017, Tomáš Libertíny, solo show

Season VI Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur, 29.09-4.02.2017, Piet Stockmans & Frederik Vercruysse, duo show

Season VII Die Werkstatt, 9.02-6.05.2018, with Damien Gernay, Kaspar Hamacher, Jonas Loellmann, Valentin Loellmann, Fabian von Spreckelsen

Season VIII Meisenthal, L’Âge du Verre/ The Age of Glass, 25.05-9.09.2018 with 25 artists and designers

Season IXBotanic Psyche,  14.09-18.11.2018, Marlène Huissoud & Marcin Rusak, duo show

Season XLand/Scapes, 23.11.2018-17.3.2019, with Carine Boxy, Kaspar Hamacher, François Moret, Bela Silva and Piet Stockmans

Season XIFormosa: A New Layer Taiwan meets Yii, 22.3-12.5.2019, group exhibition curated by Lise Coirier – scenography by Rain Wu

Season XII- The Finnish Season, 17.5-8.9.2019, Kustaa Saksi, First Symptoms, woven tapestries, in collaboration with the Finnish Cultural Institute to the Benelux, co-curated by Lise Coirier & Kati Laakso

Season XII- The Finnish Season, 20.9-21.12.2019, Keep Your Garden Alive, featuring 18 Finnish artists and designers, in collaboration with the Finnish Cultural Institute to the Benelux, co-curated by Lise Coirier & Kati Laakso

Season XIIIInsel der Zeit, 10.1-8.3.2020, Jörg Bräuer, solo show

Season XIV– Bela Silva, Despierta Corazón Dormido, solo show

Season XV– Les ignorants, Lionel Jadot & Serge Leblon, duo show

Season XVI – The New Age of Humanism, group exhibition 

Season XVII – Threads of Nature, group exhibition & 5-year anniversary of the gallery

Audrey Guttmann, Through the Looking-Glass, Spazio Nobile Studiolo, 5.6-18.7.2021

Kiki van Eijk, The New Harvest, Spazio Nobile Studiolo, 5.6-18.7.2021

Season XVIII – Frederik Vercruysse, solo show, Windows, 9.9-14.11.2021

Tomas Libertiny, Encres bleues, Spazio Nobile Studiolo, 9.9.-14.11.2021

Designers & Artists Catalogues

Kaspar Hamacher Collection

Fabian Von Spreckelsen Collection

Bela Silva Collection

Amy Hilton Collection

Laura Laine, Subtle Bodies, 5.9-22.12.2019, golden glass sculptures, Brussels Gallery Weekend & Season XII- The Finnish Season, Keep Your Garden Alive

Kustaa Saaksi, First Symptoms, 17.5-8.9.2019, woven tapestries, Solo Show & The Finnish Season, Keep Your Garden Alive

Garnier & Linker, Diatomée, Molten Glass Vases Collection,20-22.9.2019, Lake Como Design Fair, Italy 

Vincent Fournier, Brasília, Modernist Utopias, 16.11.2019-12.1.2020, at Atelier Jespers, Brussels, Belgium


Collect, London, Saatchi Gallery, UK, February 2018 – Into The Stockmans Blue Catalog

Collectible, Brussels, BE, Vanderborght Building, March 2018 – Phantasmagoria : Kustaa Saksi, Bela Silva, Frederik Vercruysse, Laetitia Bica, Chen & Williams, Kaspar Hamacher

Art Brussels, Brussels, Tour & Taxis, BE, April 2018, The Random Collection

A New Layer II, Basel, Design Miami/ Design Curio, 12-17.6.2018 – A New Layer Taiwan, scenography by Julie Richoz

Art on Paper, Brussels, Bozar, September 2018, solo show of Amy Hilton

Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk, Kortrijk Xpo, October 2018, The Random Collection, scenography by Garnier & Linker

IIDE, Brussels, Hôtel de la Poste with Gert Voorjans & Marcin Rusak “Flora” table, November 2018

Collectible, Brussels, Brussels, BE, Vanderborght Building, March 2019, Blooming Blossom

Art Brussels, Brussels, Tour & Taxis, BE, April 2019, Cosmogony, a duo exhibition of Bela Silva (ceramics) & Kustaa Saksi (tapestries)

Révélations, Paris, Grand Palais, FR, May 2019, Galerie Collection & Keep Your Garden Alive, Group Exhibition

Lake Como Design Fair, Como, IT, 20-22 September 2019, Diatomée Vases by Garnier & Linker

Art On Paper, Bozar, Bela Silva, Dessin Sculpture, solo show, 24-27.10.2019

Brussels Drawing Week, Amy Hilton, In-Between, solo show, La Tour à Plomb, Brussels, 24.10 – 9.11.2019, curated by Stéphane Roy

Unique Design Shanghai, West Bund, Tank Shanghai, China, 7-10.11.2019

Collectible Design Fair, BE, Vanderborght Building, March 2020, Ikebana Group Exhibition

Le Sacre de la Matière, Ancienne Nonciature Brussels (Grand Sablon), Jörg Bräuer, Sébastien Caporusso, Anne Derasse, Kaspar Hamacher, Silvano Magnone & Fabian von Spreckelsen

Call to the Wild / L’Appel de la Nature, Maison Louis Carré (arch. Alvar Aalto, 1959), Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, featuring Laura Laine, Kustaa Saksi & Kim Simonsson, co-curated by Lise Coirier, Spazio Nobile & Kati Laakso, Finnish Cultural Institute to the Benelux, in collaboration with the Finnish Embassy in France & Galerie NeC – Nilsson et Chiglien, Paris

Luxembourg Art Week, Virtual 3D Tour and Spazio Nobile’s Online Catalogue, 19-22.11.2020

PADesignArtOnline.com, Spazio Nobile on PAD Paris & London Online Platform, ongoing 2020-2021

Kiki van Eijk, The New Harvest, Spazio Nobile Studiolo, 25.5-3.6.2021

Art On Paper, Another Way to Draw, Pao Hui Kao & Éva Le Roi, 14-19.9.2021

Luxembourg Art Week, Group Exhibition “Entre deux feux, sois celui qui éclaire”, 11-14.11.2021


Pro Materia / TL Magazine

Founded in 1999 by Lise Coirier with the support of an advisory board, Brussels-based Pro Materia is a creative consultancy with a strong affinity for material culture, craft-led innovation and human-centered design. The intellectual, editorial approach and background in art and design history and management position the agency in the field of supporting and promoting up-and-coming talents on multiple fronts in different regions but to also work closely and bringing together different partners (designers, artists, makers, creative industries, design-led institutions and brands) from all over the world.


Latest updates from our projects

The Energetic Appeal of Objects

Array — July, 23 2024

For our 2023 issue: TLmag39: The Culture of the Object, legendary auctioneer and art world figure, Simon de Pury, writes an engaging essay about the mysterious and intuitive appeal of objects,

ESSENTIA: Timeless Encounters

Array — July, 18 2024

Kalpa Galleries presents a selection of British artist Eleanor Lakelin’s contemporary wood sculptures in dialogue with key historic vessels from the Etruscan Museum of Volterra through September 15, 2024.

ESSENTIA: Timeless Encounters

Array — July, 18 2024

Kalpa Galleries presents a selection of British artist Eleanor Lakelin’s contemporary wood sculptures in dialogue with key historic vessels from the Etruscan Museum of Volterra through September 15, 2024.