TLmag Istanbul

— February, 16 2016

Istanbul – Emerging as a Centre of Design and Lifestyle
Stunning photography reveals Istanbul, its hidden know-how, treasures, impressive atmosphere and its design-led scene. Much more than a city guide, this edition offers an inspiring tour of Istanbul, as creative territory embodying the emotions driven by different people and places. You will experience the city’s landmarks, design and architecture studios, galleries, restaurants and hotels – with a fresh eye on tradition and expertise, reinventing itself through the genuine ideas developed by Istanbul’s creative entrepreneurs and brands. This first TLmag Istanbul special edition comprises short stories, interviews, reports and top-end selections, enriched by visual expression and the authentic rawness of creation. The imperial city is represented – thanks to its history, landmarks, contrast and beauty – through the continuous and organic flow of energy. This unique identity is reflected in the typology, texture and colour-based palette of pictures taken by Martina Björn, Kling Klang Studio as well as in the diversity of creations by featured designers, architects and brands that are pushing Turkey beyond its borders, to achieve great international expansion.