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Jan Frydrych’s Opticality

July, 08 2019

Czech glass artist and sculptor Jan Frydrych combines transparent, red and indigo-blue glass to create sophisticated optical glass-art pieces. Imbued with life as light shines through them, the pieces offer a new dimension to the world that they refract.

IREENE A beautiful intention

July, 07 2019

A distinguished space, neither truly masculine nor particularly feminine. Sober lines, natural stone floors, graphic…

Tomáš Libertíny: Eternity

July, 05 2019

Rotterdam based artist Tomáš Libertíny talks to TLmag about his recent work Eternity, which touches upon many different themes and concepts.

Fused with Nature

July, 01 2019

The experimental, labour-intensive and nature-informed practice of Finnish visual artist Antti Laitinin takes over Brussels with exhibitions in Tournay-Solvay Park and La Patinoire Royale/Galerie Valérie Bach.

Design Parade Hyères & Toulon 2019

June, 27 2019

With its yearly festival, Villa Noailles aims to further its support for contemporary design by bringing together designers, journalists and the general public over for an extended weekend of events and exhibitions in Toulon and Hyères.

Making Space with Studio Mumbai

June, 26 2019

Three years after creating their first furniture series, Studio Mumbai presents a new set of hand-made furniture at MANIERA Gallery in Belgium. TLmag caught up with founder Bijoy Jain to talk about this new series,

Patrick Jouin: Finding the Answer in Nature

June, 23 2019

TLmag talks to celebrated French designer Patrick Jouin on using wood as an alternative to plastic and how his endless fascination with nature’s efficiency influences his prolific practice.

Marcin Dudek: The Crowd Man

June, 19 2019

The exhibition ‘The Crowd Man’ by Marcin Dudek in Wroclaw explores the relation between the crowd and the individual in the context of violence.

Loom: Ephemeral Yet Anchored

June, 16 2019

Artist Marcela Cernadas created the exhibition Loom at the historic Ca’ Pisani Rubelli. TLmag discusses it with Loredana Di Pascale from the Rubelli group.

Looking Back: SHOW 19 — La Cambre Mode[s]

June, 13 2019

Last week the 31st edition of La Cambre-Mode[s] show took place at Kanal Centre Pompidou. TLmag reflects on and highlights some of the talented designers that took home prestigious awards from the exciting event.

Looking Forward: The New Helsinki Biennial

June, 12 2019

In exactly one year, Helsinki will open up Vallisaari, an archipelago located just off the shore of the Finnish capital as the home for its new Biennial. TLmag takes a look at the exciting things to come for this new event and offers a preview of it’s mesmerising location.

Pierre Daras – The Belgian school

June, 08 2019

An instructor at La Cambre Mode(s) for a decade, he is also artistic director for certain brands that trust him with their image. We met with this modest but dedicated man who gives us his –