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Array — July, 08 2019

In September 2018, all the European partners of Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale were invited to present the project in a conference and exhibition Human City Design co-curated by the Cité du design Saint-Etienne,

Publication: Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018 / Investigation

Array — March, 11 2019

As cities organizations are facing major urban and technological transformations, European citizens are taking possession of their cities, collaborating or acting for its renewal. Which kind of tools are set up to think and produce the public space together?

Publication: Challenging the City Scale, the final book of Human Cities 2014-2018

Array — March, 11 2019

Since 2014, the Human Cities network has been working on Challenging the City Scale to question the urban scale and investigate cocreation in cities. The Human Cities partners have carried out urban experimentations in 11 European cities empowering citizens to rethink the spaces in which they live,

Publication : Occurence

Array — February, 13 2019

Special issue of Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design Magazine about Human Cities. Invited by Cité du design Saint-Étienne to join the Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale European programme, the Images_Récits_Documents team at ESADSE (Saint-Étienne Higher School of Art and Design) has been pondering the notion of the scale of the vision of urban […]

Publication: Maillages

Array — February, 13 2019

A survey on emerging convivial design in a human scale city During the European programme Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale, the Cité du design, lead partner,  has chosen to put the spotlight on different projects undertaken by the inhabitants of its own city.Human Cities programme,

Publication: Maillages

Array — February, 13 2019

A survey on emerging convivial design in a human scale city by Cité du design Saint-Etienne Read the book : Maillages_web_planches_BD A city is an entity in perpetual movement that is permanently evolving.


Array — September, 26 2018

On 13th September 2018 , during the final event of Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale in Tallinn, happy partners launched a very important common production : the human cities 2014-2018 project book : Challenging the City Scale,

13th Tallinn Design Festival!

Array — September, 15 2018

The Final Human Cities Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018 event will be held in Tallinn during  XIII Tallinn Design Festival. In fact Human Cities is this year’s theme of the festival.

“Design + eat = Spaces”, a Milan Masterclass

Array — September, 10 2018

During the 2017/2018 academic year of the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, the Milan team has been involved in a final Design studio with a specific main topic: Food&Design,

A Milan Masterclass: “Arnold” (Art and Design in Nolo Social district)

Array — September, 10 2018

Within the process to build the in-the-field actions, a Masterclass has been organized to be done by design students and researchers in order to involve in a longer and articulated process citizens and local organizations of the urban context in the city of Milan.

Human Cities

Challenging the city scale, interdisciplinary exchange platform Human Cities is a concept created in 2006 by the Belgian association Pro Materia and co-funded from 2014-2018 by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union.