The White Hotel

— December, 24 2006

Thewhitehotel gives a new approach to hostelry in Brussels. Give design-savvy tourists just what they need for a great price and in an exceptional scenery, and leave all those costly extras out. Moreover, give it a strong local touch, make it a place known by every hipster in the city.

The owners asked us to make that vision come true. We put one design piece by a Belgian designer in each room. Info about the designer and where to buy the object are displayed in the rooms, and on the “website”: Each room has also been equipped with the book, the complete guide on Belgian design. Design and plastic arts events are organised multiple times a year to keep the vibe alive.

With an occupancy-rate above 90 % and huge buzz and press-attention, thewhitehotel has, from day one, become the most successful new hotel Brussels has seen in years.