“The Poetry of the Bee” – Book Signing & Finissage Botanic Psyche – Sunday 18.11, 12-6pm

— November, 14 2018

You are invited to “The Poetry of the Bee”‘s Book Signing at Spazio Nobile, at the occasion of the finissage of Season IX- Botanic Psyche, a duo show of Marlène Huissoud & Marcin Rusak, this Sunday 18 November, 12-6 pm, in presence of the art director Iris Rombouts, and the publisher Ander-zijds

On the picture: Tomáš Libertíny, Seeds of Narcissus, 2011. Collection of MUDAC, Lausanne, CH.  Libertíny had his solo show in 2017, Chronosophia at Spazio Nobile. He achieved for this occasion – in September 2017 – the largest bee sculpture in the world: The Endless Column of 2.3m high as well as the cover of TLmag 26 just after Paris and Brussels attacks, inspired by the Death of Marat’s painting (Le Louvre, Paris /Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels).


On the picture: Joseph Beuys, Queen Bee, Watercolour, 1958

About Marlène Huissoud, the bees and silkworms’ cocoons, watch the video here