Sunday Brunches – Finissage Botanic Psyche 11 & 18 November 2018, 12-6 pm

— November, 08 2018

Spazio Nobile invites you to its Sunday Brunches
on 11 and 18 November, from 12-6 pm

Last chance to see Season IX – Botanic Psyche,
a duo show of Marlène Huissoud & Marcin Rusak

Address of the day: rue Franz Merjay 142, 1050 Brussels. Free entrance.
The gallery is open the other days from Wedn to Sat from 11 am until 6 pm, or by appointment
Download the catalogue Season IX-Botanic Psyche here

A dialogue around silkworms, honeybee, flowers … While Marlène Huissoud is fascinated by the insect materials and incorporate them into her creative process like honeybee and silkworms, Rusak has developed his own flower and leaves infused resin, from waste flower to perishable materials, Flora and Perma. Read more on Botanic Psyche on