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Human Cities: State of the Art

Human Cities
March, 09 2015

With State of the Art as its first theme, Human Cities: Challenging the City Scale aims to set up a common ground in tackling the issue of how people challenge the urban scale and flow in Europe today.”

Workshop Crossroads 2015. Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

Human Cities
March, 09 2015

‘Crossroads 2015. Human cities_challenging the city scale’ is a creative workshop organized by Cité du design for the Human Cities program during the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015. Focused on the conversion of vacant shops and ground floor premises in the Jacquard district,

Design Pool: Kaspar Hamacher

Design Pool
August, 28 2014

Kaspar Hamacher showed a monoxyl installation of his Ausgebrannt collection as well as a series of pieces which were conceived and produced for his first solo exhibition held at Design Pool in Paris,

Human Cities 2014-2018 Challenging The City Scale

Human Cities

HUMAN CITIES Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018, founded by Pro Materia, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, now led by Cité du Design from Saint-Etienne, is significantly different in scale compared to the previous editions.

My Favourite Brussels Sound

Human Cities
October 2012

One of the highlights of the Human Cities Brussels-Istanbul 2010 edition, My Favourite Istanbul Sound, was restaged in Brussels on October 25, 26 and 28.
As was the case in Istanbul,

Human Cities Festival 2012 Reclaiming Public Space

Human Cities
Spring 2012

In the Spring of 2012, Pro Materia curated a second Human Cities festival in Brussels. In Human Cities Festival 2012 Reclaiming Public Space scientific and cultural actors stressed bottom-up initiatives set up by citizens,

Commerce Design Day: September 26, 2011

Commerce Design Brussels
October, 16 2011

On Monday September 26, 2011, the Commerce Design Day took place in Flagey Brussels. 10 keynote speakers, ranging from architects/designers, researchers and brand representatives, presented the latest trends in the field of retail design.

Commerce Design Award 2011

Commerce Design Brussels
March, 24 2011

The “Commerce Design Brussels” laureates were announced on May 10, 2011 in the Aquamass showroom! Hubert Verstraeten from Brussels-based design studio Tamawa designed the multifunctional trophee. Commerce Design Brussels was organised by Pro Materia and Design September with the support of the Brussels Region,


Human Cities
18 December 2010 – 20 February 2011

Design Istanbul Tasarımı

Showing the most significant work of some thirty designers, design studios, and artists, this exhibitions was not just the first comprehensive overview of the emerging and extremely exciting,

Human Cities Istanbul

Human Cities
November 2010

Chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2010, Istanbul is a unique place to be for Human Cities when you take into account the geographical location and cultural heritage. This growing megalopolis linking two continents,

Thewhitehotel: Belgian Designers Rooms 2010 – 2012

October, 07 2010

Since 2006, thewhitehotel has been showcasing over half a decade of evolution in contemporary Belgian design. The hotel, located in the centre of the most cosmopolitan district of Belgium’s capital, has offered around sixty contemporary designers the opportunity to customise both its rooms and the lobby.

Commerce Design Brussels 2010 – 2011

Commerce Design Brussels
July, 01 2010

Following the first successful edition of the competition, Commerce Design Brussels invited retailers from the capital region to participate to the award-scheme. The competition rewarded the quality of the interior and exterior design of shops and promoted the talent of designers and architects in Brussels.

Human Cities Festival 2010 Celebrating Public Space

Human Cities
May 6-16, 2010

Pro Materia curated the first Human Cities Festival/Celebrating Public Space in Brussels from the 6th till 16th May 2010, a biennial event dedicated to public space. WithBOZAR as its main venue,

Je suis Dada : Between Dream and Reality

Authentic Belgian Creativity
April, 19 2010

During Milan Design Week 2010, ABC from Flanders presented “Je Suis Dada: Between Dream and Reality,” a touring exhibition abouts Surrealism and design, curated by Design Flanders and Inge Vranken.

Protecting Packaging Design?

Creative Space Kreon
April, 19 2010

What makes good packaging design — and how can it be protected on the Belgian and international market? In this seminar, experienced consultants specialised in branding and packaging and legal advisors shared advise to young designers and entrepreneurs.

How to start my Own Brand? – 14 January

Creative Space Kreon
January, 14 2010

How to create and build up a brand in the fashion and accessories sector — and protect it on the Belgian and international market? In this seminar, legal experts, renown designers (Hubert Verstraeten,

Designr.rdv: 11—13 December

December, 11 2009

Fashion, design, jewellery and contemporary accessories… About fifty designers were at Thewhitehotel, selling their latest creations.

Designer.rdv Hong Kong: 3—5 December

December, 05 2009

Brandequity, agent for RougeDesign/TL Magazine and Pro Materia in Hong Kong / Asia, organised two events during the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong: 3-5/12/2009, at the French pavilion as well as in the ‘off’ events Détour organised by the Ambassadors of Design in HK.

Luc Druez : Metamorphosis: 16 September – 31 October

Creative Space Kreon
September, 14 2009

In the framework of Design September 2009, Creative Space hosted Luc Druez’s textile creations, a limited edition of fabrics made from hijacked technical fibers, mixing textile and copper. With the support of Detrois.

Commerce Design 2009

Commerce Design Brussels
September, 10 2009

Commerce Design Brussels 2009 was a competition that rewarded the quality of the interior and exterior design of shops in Brussels and promoted the talent of the city’s best designers and architects.