Last Days – Season XVI- The New Age of Humanism, until 14 March 2021

— March, 08 2021

Last Days at Spazio Nobile 
Season XVI- The New Age of Humanism
until 14 MarchFeel free to pass by this Saturday 6 March, 11-18.00 
Finissage Weekend on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 March 11-18.00On the photo above: Fabian von Spreckelsen, The Soul Portrait, 2020, eroded and crystallized steel sculpture, 188 x 83 cm, 
Le Sacre de la Matière Collection, photo Sébastien Van de Walle
Éva Le Roi, Wall of Drawings, Five Stories of São Paulo and other works on paper 
& Pao Hui Kao, Paper Pleats and Lacquer Leaf  Collection, photo Sébastien Van de WalleYou can also take your appointment here
Spazio Nobile is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11-18.00
Ann-Beate Tempelhaug, In Between, 2019, Stoneware Porcelain Wall Sculpture, 90 x 140 x 15 cm
Kaspar Hamacher, Notre-Dame, burnt oak wood stool & Manon Daviet, L’Envolée nocturne, tapestry

Garnier & Linker, Diatomée, 2019-, Molten Glass Vases, 28 x 10 x 10 cm

 Katherine Huskie, Echinus, ø 20 cm, squeezed molten glass & Adi Toch, Blue Vessel Whispering Bowl, 2020, patina on silver plated base metal, loose hematite spheres, 7 x 14 x 14 cm

Spazio Nobile Studiolo, in front of Spazio Nobile Gallery
Rue Franz Merjay 169, Brussels

Studiolo’s gallery window featuring Laura Laine, Subtle Bodies, 2019, Golden Glass Sculptures, hand blown by Emil Kovac and Aleš Vacek – Antonio Lampecco, Blue in Green glazed sculpture

Kustaa Saksi, Under Shelter II, woven tapestry – Bela Silva, glazed ceramic sculptures – Garnier & Linker’s Parisis Lamps in plaster and alabaster edited by Spazio Nobile -Tomas Libertiny, Rectangle, BiC ink on paper – Cheng Tsung Feng, Turtle, Bamboo bended vessels – Kaspar Hamacher, Chiseled Console in solid oak wood and The Ausgebrannt Stein, solid oak & Amy Hilton, Lapis Lazuli, watercolor on paper, Dreamstones Collection

  Laura Laine, Orb, 2019, Subtle Bodies, Golden Glass Sculpture, hand blown by Emil Kovac & Aleš Vacek, back from Call to the Wild Exhibition, Maison Louis Carré, arch Alvar Aalto, photos Margaux Nieto

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