Spazio Nobile Open Doors Weekends Season XVII- Threads of Nature, 27-28 March & 3-4 April 2021, 12-19.00

— March, 29 2021

Spazio Nobile invites you to its Open Doors Weekends
Season XVII- Threads of Nature

Rue Franz Merjay 142 & 169, 1050 Brussels on 27-28 March 2021 & 3-4 April 2021, 12-19.00
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Threads of Nature is a group show reflecting on the living interaction between humans and our planet

Group Exhibition with Jörg Bräuer, Nathalie Campion, Lila Farget, Ernst Gamperl, Kaspar Hamacher, Amy Hilton, Samy Rio, Bela Silva, Jacqueline Surdell & Philipp Weber 

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, the Brussels gallery Spazio Nobile has opened a group show including works by 10 artists and designers that reflect on the interaction between human and planet. As is typical for the gallery, the participating artists and designers aren’t bound by disciplines or materials, but are tied by a sensitivity particular to everything related to nature and minerality. The multi-disciplinary exhibition presents glass creations alongside ceramics, wood sculptures, tapestries, photographs and pastel paintings on paper.

The artworks presented in this exhibition reflect a biodiversity that underlines the richness of organic matter as a basis for artistic experimentation in cross-disciplinary practices. In a choreography of gestures, of interlacing threads, the human and the planet join in a dance within a living fabric.

A subtle dialogue takes place between the wood sculptures by Ernst Gamperl (DE) and Kaspar Hamacher (BE). 

The arts of earth and fire are represented in bamboo-blown glass creations from Samy Rio (FR), filigree lighting and free blown vases by Philipp Weber (DE), architectural forms in molten glass by Lila Farget (FR), and shaped and glazed ceramics by Nathalie Campion (BE) and Bela Silva (PT). 

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The braiding of ropes and cords in the multi-dimensional tapestries of Jacqueline Surdell (US) shakes up the status of textile in contemporary art, while the deep rock explored by Amy Hilton (UK) in her dry pastel mixed with sedimentary coal, recalls the excavation of the Ellora Caves in India reconciling absence and presence, the principles of emptiness, openness, immensity or infinity.

Photographs or wet collodions on ferrotype plates by Jörg Bräuer (DE) also work the same magic of opening the gaze to this space/time that is ours, letting the cliffs of Iceland unfold before our eyes. The majesty of the mountain imposes itself, before which man can only bow. Sitting and looking, touching, feeling and getting in touch with the real world, while letting his soul go to a poetry of intimacy, to the emotion of getting closer to the ultimate reality.


Beyond all beliefs, these ten artists capture the essence of the human being. Their works are contemplative and profound, expressive and resilient, translating the forces of this “new” world where men and women will maintain, in all conscience, a true relationship between them and especially with themselves.

Spazio Nobile Studiolo

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