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Alvar Aalto: Fascinating Routes

Array — April, 11 2021

For the first time since the pandemic, visitors in all regions of Finland have the opportunity to find routes along fascinating sites with a new website.

H24: Thinking of Urban Nature

Array — April, 10 2021

Hermès introduced H24, their new men’s fragrance for which introduces a new composition of fresh notes to design a scent with a lively, electric character.

Jochen Eisenbrand: Stories from the Homefront

Array — April, 07 2021

Vitra Design Museum presents ‘Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors’, an exhibition showcasing the evolution of interior design in the past century. Adrian Madlener speaks with chief curator Jochen Eisenbrand about the exhibition’s focus on substance over style,

PADesignartonline: Essential Added Value

Array — April, 04 2021

PADesignartonline complements PAD Paris and PAD London, facilitating meetings and commercial exchanges for aficionados and collectors alike.

Zaventem Ateliers: A Playful Manifesto

Array — April, 03 2021

Fourteen of the Zaventem Ateliers residents collaborated to create a ping-ping table as a manifesto to expresses their commitment and collaboration.

Subtle Landscapes: Andreas Eriksson

Array — April, 01 2021

Swedish artist Andreas Eriksson creates woven tapestries based upon an interest in the fundamental material of painting: the canvas. TLmag speaks with the artist about the translation of painting to textile,

Villa Noailles: Archi-ville

Array — March, 28 2021

Villa-Noailles Hyères, in the mountains of Hyères, presents a unique exhibition with different perspectives to capture the diversity of its natural context.

Ayala Serfaty: Tactile and Organic Qualities

Array — March, 27 2021

Ayala Serfaty works on the intersection of craft and design, often blurring the line between abstraction and reality – leaving viewers mesmerized.

A_POC: Carpe Diem

Array — March, 26 2021

TLmag speaks to Astrid Ullens and Galila Barzilai Hollander, collecting contemporary art and photography and eclecticism.

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