Workshop: Co-Creation in Tallinn

— December, 10 2015

Have you ever gone about your daily life and thought ’I wish could time-out, just exit the whole thing for 20 minutes and then come back rejuvenated and full of energy’?

Cascina Cuccagna – Milan

— December, 07 2015

Cascina Cuccagna- Cuccagna Farmhouse   A new public space in the centre of Milan: an old farmhouse transformed into centre for place development and civic participation. Cascina Cuccagna is one of the oldest farmhouses in Milan,

Bilbao Art District – Bilbao

— December, 07 2015

Bilbao Art District Bilbao is now in an ideal position for playing a key role on the international cultural scene, as: – Its current model is based on an in-depth rethinking of industry,

Beogradska nedelja dizajna – Belgrade

— December, 07 2015

Beogradska nedelja dizajna – Belgrade Design Week Founded in 2005, as a true rarity in the world of festivals – as a non-profit NGO, Belgrade Design Week is the first festival of creative industries and modern business in Serbia and the South East European region,

Les Apéros Urbains – Brussels

— December, 07 2015

Les Apéros Urbains -Aperos Urbains Started with 40 participants, today an average of 2.500 people joins the Apéros Urbains every Friday in a new area of Brussels to enjoy an after work drink.

Dodo ry – Helsinki

— December, 07 2015

Dodo ry – Dodo registered association Dodo was founded in 1995. Originally the organization was called Dodo – Tulevaisuuden elävä luonto (Dodo – The living nature of the future), the name changed in 2006.

Parvis de Saint-Gilles – Brussels

— December, 07 2015

Parvis de Saint-Gilles – The Saint-Gilles Esplanade In June 2013, the Mayor of the Municipality of Saint-Gilles and its Urban Planning department decided to transform the so-called The Saint-Gilles Esplanade into a pedestrian area.

Arte Shop – Bilbao

— December, 07 2015

Arte Shop The initiative was presented the 2011/06/29 by Lan Ekintza and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country, and as far as funding is concerned has a 50% co-financing from the European Social Fund.

100 BDW Kreativnih igrališta za decu Srbije – Serbia

— December, 07 2015

100 BDW Kreativnih igrališta za decu Srbije – 100 BDW Creative Playgrounds for the children of Serbia The project “100 Creative BDW Playgrounds for the Children of Serbia” is a unique initiative,

Ravintolapäivä – Helsinki

— December, 07 2015

Ravintolapäivä – Restaurant Day   Restaurant Day is the world’s biggest food carnival and happens worldwide four times a year. In the past Restaurant Days all together over 17 400 one-day restaurants by over 70 000 restaurateurs have catered for estimated 2 million customers in 70 countries.


— December, 07 2015

Ravintolapäivä – Restaurant Day   Restaurant Day is the world’s biggest food carnival and happens worldwide four times a year. In the past Restaurant Days all together over 17 400 one-day restaurants by over 70 000 restaurateurs have catered for estimated 2 million customers in 70 countries.

European canteen- Saint-Etienne

— December, 07 2015

European canteen EQuAMA is an association that aims to improve the management, promotion and animation of the European Quarter in Brussels. Acting as a laboratory, EQuAMA is testing new ways of using public space and wants to attract users and visitors to lively,

Demo Graz Ya! Graz – Austria

— December, 07 2015

Demo Graz Ya! Iconoclasistas (artists) developed “collective mapping” as a fun and creative tool that facilitates the construction of a collective story in a certain territory. During the steirische herbst 2012 Iconoclassistas implemented this tool in the project demo graz ya!

Pazi!Park – Ljubljana

— December, 07 2015

Pazi!Park – Attention!Park The group Pazi!Park has been existing for more than 10 years. The group was a really informal one for a long time, without any legal status, with the goal to raise awareness on the importance of quality urban public spaces to make the city life better.

Projekt koncepcyjny Parku Kastanowego w Cieszynie – Cieszyn

— December, 07 2015

Projekt koncepcyjny Parku Kastanowego w Cieszynie – Conceptual project of Chestnut Park in Cieszyn 1. Exhibition: 17.07.2012 r. Cieszyn Castle took the opening of the exhibition “Where to play?” presenting playgrounds drawings made by children from the classes at the School of Painting,

Tallinna Transport – Tallinn

— December, 07 2015

Tallinna Transport – Tallinn Transport The project began with the group of designers’ self-initiative and aim to redesign Tallinn public transport service and therefore make public transport a transparent, logic and complacent means of transportation for the passenger.

St. Clements Hospital – London

— December, 07 2015

St. Clements Hospital The St. Clements project itself is quite simply the redevelopment of a former hospital site into a mix used area dominated by housing. The main development partners are Galliford Try,

Workshop: Co-Creation in Graz

— November, 26 2015

The co-creation briefing trail continues to Graz, where the Austrian Human Cities partners FH Joanneum, Department of Exhibition Design are scheming to creating an array of creative initiatives in the Jakomini Neighbourhood throughout 2016.

Human Cities Digital Catalogue

— November, 23 2015

The design and concept for this app – which will be available to download from April 2016– was developed by three creative minds from Graz. Miriam Derler, Andrea Hutter and Miriam Weiss,

We are co-creating in Cieszyn!

— November, 12 2015

Its focus on Poland this week, where the fabulous Human Cities partners Zamek Cieszyn are opening up for rather ambitious ideas to reconnect with the city’s history as a market town for the whole region.

The Open Mile: promoting making in London

— October, 21 2015

Clear Village’s urban experiment for “Human Cities, Challenging the City Scale” kicked off on the evening of 21st September 2015 with the Open Mile. The Open Mile offered a trail of open studios,

Workshop: Co-Creation in Milan

— October, 17 2015

Its autumn, its Milan and its just magic. Far from the usual design trail, our Milanese partners have put their minds to a square in one of the City’s south districts.

Recode the City Festival- London

— September, 17 2015

The Recode the City Festival takes the Human Cities programme to London from 21st to 23 September 2015. Organised by Clear Village in collaboration with the Machines Room and Lime Wharf,

Co-Creation Briefing #3 – Helsinki. Happy together vs melancholy of loneliness.

— September, 16 2015

> Challenges, potential and possible scope for the experimentation: Use optimization of the built environment through the project “School as a Service” at Aalto University’s campus in Otaniemi, Espoo (Finland). It consists of the creation of a new temporary school in Otaniemi for those schoolchildren whose own school is under reparation,