A Finnish and Japanese Fusion: Artek at Milan Design Week

— April, 11 2019

Celebrating the unique relationship between Finland and Japan, Artek unites traditional craftsmanship with contemporary and classic designs from both cultures in their new FIN/JPN Friendship Collection, launching at this year’s Milan Design Week.

Crafting Poetry with Light and Glass: Simone Crestani

— April, 08 2019

TLmag talked to Italian glass artist Simone Crestani about his young beginnings, artistic philosophies and Asian inspirations for his personal exhibition ‘Poetry of Light’ – on view at the Adele-C showroom during Milano Design Week.

Olga Engel: sensory experiments

— April, 05 2019

Galerie Armel Soyer shows Olga Engel’s work from March 20 to July 26. The presentation gives a good overview of her work, that plays with textures.

Formosa: A New Layer Taiwan meets Yii

— April, 04 2019

TLmag talks to scenographer Rain Wu and Art Director Lise Coirier about Taiwanese traditional craftsmanship and how exhibiting cultural objects changes the way we perceive them. “Formosa: A New Layer Taiwan meets Yii”

Stellar Works: to see and be seen

— April, 03 2019

Stellar Works collaborated with Agapecasa to create ‘Behind the Scenes’: an exhibition in Galleria Manzoni where both brands share their view on theatre.

Venini and Marc Thorpe: Unity

— March, 29 2019

Venini collborated with architect and designer Marc Thorpe to create a collection of ten unique vessels, celebrating global cultural heritage.

Art Paris 2019: A Gaze at Women Artists in France

— March, 21 2019

Curated by AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions, the 2019 edition of Art Paris presents an overview of the work of women artists in France from the post-war period to the present day.

Najla El Zein: Transition

— March, 20 2019

TLmag talks to Beirut based designer Najla El Zein about her work and her first solo-exhibition in Frieda Benda, the first of three series.