Florian Borkenhagen: Objects with a Compelling Story

— July, 06 2020

With a passion for mobility and desire to challenge branded perception, German designer Florian Borkenhagen deconstructs, transforms and reconstructs everyday objects and provides them with a sophisticated value. TLmag caught up with the designer,

Guillaume Désanges: Matters of Concern

— July, 03 2020

Now a year into his third curatorial “season” at La Verrière Hermès, TLmag caught up with French curator Guillaume Désanges to discuss the influences behind their latest exhibition ‘Musa Nuit’ –

Lucile Soufflet: Intimacy, Meeting and Sharing

— July, 02 2020

Belgian designer Lucile Soufflet is currently based in Brussels. For over a decade she is inspired by the individual, a sense of fun, and a rational perspective play. The Spazio Nobile Gallery commissioned her to design a piece of furniture for the gallery.

Amy Hilton on ‘Ilha Grande’

— June, 30 2020

With her image as the cover for TLmag’s 31st print edition, we decided to take a stroll down memory lane and take another look at Amy Hilton’s ever more relevant reflections on how isolation and solitude are among the keys to gaining a sense of unrestrained creativity.

Kaleidoscopes: Contemporary Portraiture

— June, 25 2020

Perrotin Hong Kong is pleased to inaugurate its new location at K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside with a group exhibition exploring meanings of portraiture through the lens of selected artists. Perrotin’s first group exhibition on contemporary portraiture features ten artists working from a range of cultures and practices to explore different manners of representation and self-representation,

Lada Semecká’s ‘Haiku’

— June, 24 2020

Having developed her own methodology of devitrifying and crystalising glass particles, Lada Semecká’s minimalist ‘glass pictures’ are as much a reflection of the mastery of her craft as they are physical manifestations of her dreamy inner landscapes.

Pae White: Ephemeral Attraction

— June, 23 2020

Playing with scale and contradiction, Pae White is unafraid to push the limits of what a material or tool can do. Her ability to capture fleeting moments like a puff of cigarette smoke or the reflection of shiny tinfoil within a woven surface challenges our perceptions and adds a bit of magic into our everyday lives.

Xavier Hufkens: Sterling Ruby

— June, 18 2020

Xavier Hufkens is delighted to announce that his third gallery space will be inaugurated by artist Sterling Ruby as of June 18th with a new series of assemblages. The origins of these works can be traced back to the WIDW paintings that were first exhibited at the gallery in 2018.

The Finnish Line: Gallerist Juhani Lemmetti

— June, 17 2020

Juhani Lemmett’s vast collection of glass and ceramics illustrates the rich heritage of design and craft in Finland and anyone asked where to catch an all-encompassing glimpse of the country’s contemporary design movement would list Helsinki’s,

Van Hoe Collection: Weaving through Visual Language

— June, 16 2020

Even though the book only presents a small part of its extensive collection, the Van Hoe Collection’s latest publication, “Grammar of Textiles”, connects the relationship between craftsmanship, visual art and design with textile’s rich history.

Reflecting on The New Age of Humanism

— June, 15 2020

Since late last year, TLmag and Formafantasma have been working together to create our latest Spring/Summer print-edition. A lot has changed between now and then, but one thing is sure: we are entering a new era of looking at and making for the world around us.

Keith Haring: Retrospective Activism

— June, 11 2020

BOZAR Brussels collaborated with Tate Liverpool to create a retrospective exhibition dedicated to American artist Keith Haring. Keith Haring was a unique presence in 1980s New York, playing a key role in his generation’s underground counterculture and creating an immediately recognisable style.

Bella Rune: Creative Contradictions

— June, 10 2020

It’s no surprise that this Swedish artist has a background in both architecture and dance, as her handmade geometric shapes are studies in structural composition and movement. Bella talks to TLmag about her fascination with interfaces,

Philippe Kern: Close-up on culture

— June, 03 2020

This French lawyer specialising in European and copyright law has lived in Brussels for 30 years. Convinced that art and design are sources of innovation and drivers of societal change, he founded KEA,

Mudac’s Re-evaluation of the Ordinary

— June, 02 2020

For their final exhibition in their original location, mudac’s curators have teamed up to pay tribute to ‘their’ Guadard house by highlighting the most ordinary — and thus extraordinary — objects they have collected over the last twenty years.

Meeting Base Design

— May, 29 2020

Dimitri Jeurissen, co-founder of Brussels-based but internationally active agency Base Design, gives us his vision of communication 2.0 and the new challenges that not only his clients, but his own studio,

Philip Weber: Redefining Glass Making With ANALOG

— May, 28 2020

Berlin Art Glass debuted their new lighting brand ANALOG in Alcova Sassetti last Milan Design Week. The first series of this brand is called On Movement and Material and is created in collaboration with Philip Weber,

Manon Daviet’s Knitted Landscapes

— May, 26 2020

Using various textile techniques like knitting, embroidery and tufting, Paris-based textile artist Manon Daviet transposes her drawings into tapestries, creating what she calls “volume paintings”. Here, she talks TLmag through her multidisciplinary practice,

Mounir Fatmi: Experimental Archives

— May, 25 2020

Ever since he was a child, Mounir Fatmi has been curious about the transformation of objects – how, with a slight change of context or position, they can take on entirely new meanings.