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Preview: Collectible 2022

Array — May, 18 2022

The Collectible fair is back to being an in-person event, with doors opening to the public on Friday, May 20th. Known for its sharp eye and collaborative approach with designers, galleries,

Wallace Chan: In Pursuit of Universal Beauty

Array — May, 13 2022

For TLmag34: Precious – A Geology of Being, Y-Jean Mun Delsalle interviewed jewellery designer and artist, Wallace Chan, about how he got started in jewellery and how keeps inspired to continue innovating new techniques and designs.

Beirut: The Eras of Design

Array — May, 10 2022

An exhibition that shines a light Lebanon’s design history as well as its contemporary creative scene, offers an exciting opportunity to better understand this complex country and its layered history.

Harriet Hellman: Ceramic Seascapes

Array — May, 05 2022

For our A/W 2021 issue: All is Landscape, I had the pleasure of interviewing ceramic artist, Harriet Hellman, whose raw, elemental sculptural ceramic objects hold stories of time past and present.

Art Brussels 2022

Array — April, 30 2022

After a 2-year hiatus, Art Brussels is back with a dynamic program that includes 156 international and national galleries featuring work by established and emerging artists.

Interview with Stefano Boeri and Jean Blanchaert

Array — April, 27 2022

As their exhibition, Next of Europe, part of the 2022 Venice edition of Homo Faber was getting underway, Stefano Boeri and Jean Blanchaert spoke with TLmag about their vision on craft and the importance of supporting master artisans around the world.

Wallace Chan: TOTEMS

Array — April, 20 2022

TLmag spoke to artist and jewellery designer, Wallace Chan, ahead of his new exhibition, TOTEMS, which opened in Venice on April 20th.

Homo Faber 2022

Array — April, 19 2022

The second edition of Homo Faber opened its doors on April 10 in Venice. This 3-week event highlights the importance of craft and craftsmanship through a series of exhibitions, events, and studio visits with master artisans.

Weaving with Nature

Array — April, 15 2022

For TLmag35, Brussels-based journalist Sarah Schug, wrote about two designers who are pursuing innovative techniques in weaving using natural materials like pine needles & roots

Lionel Estève: Jolie Pluie

Array — April, 11 2022

TLmag spoke to Lionel Estève about his current exhibition, “Jolie Pluie,” on view at Grzegorzki Shows in Berlin, his ongoing fascination with rain, and why challenging situations often lead to the best results.

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