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Love, Lemons and Light

Array — July, 05 2022

For over 20-years, Amedeo Scognamiglio, along with his partner, Roberto Faraone Mennella, developed one of the most iconic jewellery brands seen around the world. From Sex and the City to Tik Tok,

Adi Toch: Place to Place

Array — June, 30 2022

TLmag37: L’age d’or / State of Gold featured Adi Toch’s 2021 project, Place to Place, a uniquely personal as well as global story about how objects inspire, how they find their way into collections and how they can create positive cultural connections.

TLmag37: L’âge d’Or / State of Gold

Array — June, 29 2022

TLmag 37: L’âge d’or / State of Gold, guest-edited by Marco Sammicheli, launched at the end of May 2022. A third launch event will be taking place on July 5 in Capri in collaboration with NOMAD.

Roca Group: Authenticity, Heritage and Innovation

Array — June, 22 2022

TLmag spoke with Roca Group’s Corporate Marketing and Design Director, Marc Viardot, in Milan, at the launch of Influence, a Mediterranean-inspired installation that features a new product line and embodies the Spanish brand’s renewed interest in heritage,

Brafa Art Fair 2022

Array — June, 20 2022

Brafa Art Fair has opened its 67th edition. On view through June 26th, the esteemed fair that focuses on ancient art up through contemporary, will be open to the public at Brussels Expo.

Maria Cristina Didero: Human-Centric Design

Array — June, 15 2022

As the 16th edition of Design Miami/Basel takes place this week, we are posting the interview with Maria Cristina Didero which appeared in our recent S/S 2022 issue: State of Gold.

Design Miami/Basel: The Golden Age

Array — June, 13 2022

Maria Cristina Didero curates the 16th edition of Design Miami/Basel, titled “The Golden Age,” and featuring a dynamic selection of works from the past and present, by top international galleries and designers.

Marialaura Irvine: Embroidering Identity

Array — June, 10 2022

In 2021, Chiara Alessi spoke with Milan-based designer, Marialaura Irvine, about her use of embroidery as both an art form and creative process, and her role in Studio Irvine. Currently, Marialaura just completed an interiors project at the Circulo Filologico,

Maria Lai: The Serious Game of Art

Array — June, 08 2022

For our S/S 2021 issue: TLmag35: Tactile, Textile, Texture, Costanza Rinaldi wrote about the groundbreaking career of Maria Lai, a Sardinian born artist who used poetry and art as means to better understand life and its complexities,

Pia Maria Raeder: Collecting Stardust

Array — June, 03 2022

Through innovative techniques with wood and metal, Pia Maria Raeder is crafting a distinctive body of work in the collectible design world. Her almost anthropomorphic collections capture a sense of nature’s mystery,

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