Christmas balls

CIAV Meisenthal

Design Nocc Studio (F), Mix: Mendel Heit Design Lab (F), Cumulus: Thibaut Allgayer (F), Vroum: Studio Monsieur (F), Silex: V8 Designers (F), Helium: Design Philippe Riehling (F), Tilt: Limited edition of six clear and silvered Christmas balls free blown at CIAV, 2016.
limited edition for Spazio Nobile



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Pot bleu vert

45 years after his Golden Medal won at the Design Center Brussels, 1972, the Italian potter and ceramist Antonio Lampecco comes back to the contemporary scene at Spazio Nobile. As a passionate artist, he will never stop creating new typologies of objects, searching always for new cristalline glosses, glazes and firing processes. Looking back at the golden age of Maredsous Abbey, where Lampecco studied ceramics, we are reexploring with him the Maredsous school founded in 1903, which was from 1939 until the mid-1960s one of the excellence center for applied arts in Belgium, especially when speaking about training artists rather than craftsmen in the field of silversmithing and ceramics. Many of the masterpieces coming from Maredsous have been revealed to the public at the Expo 58 in Brussels.

European canteen- Saint-Etienne

European canteen EQuAMA is an association that aims to improve the management, promotion and animation of the European Quarter in Brussels. Acting as a laboratory, EQuAMA is testing new ways of using public space and wants to attract users and visitors to lively,

Der Stein in solid oak

Kaspar Hamacher, Der Stein in solid oak (flat top): 105 length x 70 width x 35 cm height

Up Next: TRESOR Contemporary Craft

TRESOR artistic director Brian Kennedy shares with us his insights for the selection process and gives us a sneak peek of the artists, galleries and materials to watch out for at the fair

New Glass Now: Corning Museum of Glass

Surveying the zeitgeist of contemporary glass creation from across the globe is the New Glass Now exhibition on view at the celebrated Corning Museum of Glass till 4 January 2020. Bringing together work by 100 emerging and established talents from 32 countries,

Miroir-fenêtre (Red)

Pastel sec sur papier et marbre
/Dry pastel on paper and marble
65 cm x 50 cm
(dimensions variables)

Studio views by Margaux Nieto

Human Cities Digital Catalogue

The design and concept for this app – which will be available to download from April 2016– was developed by three creative minds from Graz. Miriam Derler, Andrea Hutter and Miriam Weiss,

Song Hongquan’s Underground

Chinese stone carver Song Hongquan reflects on changes in his professional and personal life by presenting three series of works that lay bare disintegrating sculptural traditions, unstable environments and controversial practices.

Faye Toogood’s Trade Show

Faye Toogood mounted Trade Show during this years London Design Festival. Opting out of a traditional furniture fair to launch her Spade Chair, the multi-talented British designer established a barter system with 50 of the UK’s leading creatives.

BGW Spotlight: Galerie Templon

Get to know the Gallerists behind Brussels Gallery Weekend! Here, Mathieu Templon of Galerie Templon shares his thoughts on the Belgian design scene and the process behind Franz Ackermann’s new show ‘Our Houses’

Transitional Series, Vase I

Urushi lacquer, real flowers, rice glue and paper
40 x 30 x 30 cm
Unique piece

The Perishable Series
As a commentary on contemporary consumption and the ephemerality of material culture,

Space Poetry Fuschia

woodwork surface/ bio- plastic, pigment and sand/ fuchsia
39 x 52 x 154 cm
unique piece

Kintsugi #7

inkjet print on Bizan paper
50 x 35 cm
ed. of 3 + 2 A.P.


CIAV Meisenthal-France 1999
spinning top
solid glass
Ø 50 x 50 mm

A Nomad Design Exhibition in the Swiss Alps

This week, St. Moritz becomes more than a winter destination for skiers: it’s also the site of Nomad, a travelling event for collectible design from some of the world’s leading galleries

Ceramic Coiffeuse 01

glazed stoneware, earthenware & mirrored glass
53,5 x 48,5 x 10,5 cm
unique piece

Yellow Fog II

Pastel sur papier indien
/Pastel on Indian paper
75 x 56 cm

L’allée des platanes

L’ allée des platanes
Vaux le Vicomte, 2015
photograph, wet collodion, ferrotype, pigment print on cotton paper
120 x 90 cm
signed and dated
edition 2/8 + 2AP

Valentine Witmeur Lab: A Knitwear Revival

Before turning to knit sweater design, Valentine Witmeur was an influencer. Produced in Portugal and distributed through a network of high-end stores -the creations of this Brussels-born designer are part of an on-trend yet carefully considered approach to fashion.

Unbreakable: Women In Glass

This landmark exhibition of Fondazione Berengo explores the creative idiosyncrasies of glass work produced by female artists who continue to be sidelined in the art world.


Glazed stoneware
23 x ø19 cm  
Unique piece

Miroir-fenêtre (Green)

Pastel sec sur papier et marbre
/Dry pastel on paper and marble
65 cm x 50 cm
(dimension variable)

Studio views by Margaux Nieto

“Ici Bientôt”

“Ici Bientôt” ( = “Coming soon”) is the first workshop of Saint-Etienne experimentation lab C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun (Collective Humancitizens Office of StEtienne Experimentations) C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun aims at giving to Beaubrun district a new dynamism.

Rio Samy

Samy Rio studied cabinet making before attending the National School of Industrial Design (Ensci) in Paris, France. This dual background allows him to combine industrial and artisan techniques, which he sees as essential and complementary to each other.

Pae White: Ephemeral Attraction

Playing with scale and contradiction, Pae White is unafraid to push the limits of what a material or tool can do. Her ability to capture fleeting moments like a puff of cigarette smoke or the reflection of shiny tinfoil within a woven surface challenges our perceptions and adds a bit of magic into our everyday lives.

Movement in Stillness : Spazio Nobile – 5-Year Anniversary

Portrait by Sébastien Van den Walle

Spazio Nobile celebrates its 5-year anniversary in 2021 and a decade of TLmag_True Living of Art & Design. The gallery imprints its philosophy of living with art and design in these spaces of the bel étage (piano nobile) and his studiolo (cabinet of curiosities) spread throughout seven rooms and the garden of the gallery.

Space Helmet

from Space Utopia Series high tech glass mosaics
230 x 144 cm

Studio Monsieur – Manon Leblanc & Romain Diroux

Studio Monsieur is a design studio founded in 2012 by Manon Leblanc and Romain Diroux. They work on various projects such as product design, furniture, lighting and set design for exhibitions and cultural events.

Maison de Plage

Molten glass and concrete
36 x 12 x 12 cm (each)

Scholten & Baijings

For Asian Aesthetics edition, TL Mag met the couple of designer Stefan Scholtens & Carole Baijings who produces pieces of Japanese inspiration.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a New York-based design studio working in furniture, products, interiors and mixed materials.The company was first established as an experimental design space in 2011 by Pratt graduates Chen Chen and Kai Williams –


CIAV Meisenthal-France, 2017
blown glass
approx. 80 mm

The Walled Garden – London

The Walled Garden The Walled Garden story started for Clear Village in 2011, when Clear Village founder Thomas Ermacora visited the site and was struck by its potential. At the time the garden had been derelict for many years,

Space Poetry Dark Red

woodwork surface/ bio- plastic, pigment and sand/ dark red
128 x 45 x 201 cm
unique piece

Blue Glammer

naturally dyed sheepskin quilts and interior objects
140 x 160 cm
altruche blue & sand


oblong suede and leather braided cover solid smoked eucalyptus mobile trays
36 x 220 x 72 cm



Workshop: Co-Creation in Tallinn

Have you ever gone about your daily life and thought ’I wish could time-out, just exit the whole thing for 20 minutes and then come back rejuvenated and full of energy’?

Insula Major – The Nature of Things

Limited edition with 8+2 artist’s proofs. Pigment print on pur cotton paper, on the reverse signed, titled, dated and numbered, Artist frame in oak with Optiwhite glass
insula maior,

Lamp Planetary

grès émaillé /glazed stoneware
ø24 x 33 cm

Mi Casa

wearable & wall art jewelry
hand-built glazed ceramics on both sides
13 x 18 cm
unique piece


Screen Time: Vitra, Urquiola and Fabrica

During this Milan Design Week, several exhibitions asked visitors to interact with furniture through a screen. What does that add to the in-person experience?

Brasília: Freeze Frame of a Future Past

In this extensive conversation between Christian Larsen and photographer Vincent Fournier, we learn about the aesthetics and interests behind ‘Brasília, A Time Capsule’, a series which investigates the architecture, landscape, and people of Brasília (Brazil).

Vertes III

Handtufted tapestry
Ø100 cm
Unique piece

Van Hoe Collection: Weaving through Visual Language

Even though the book only presents a small part of its extensive collection, the Van Hoe Collection’s latest publication, “Grammar of Textiles”, connects the relationship between craftsmanship, visual art and design with textile’s rich history.

Brixton Village – London

Brixton Village With seed funding from London & Associated Properties, Space Makers started their initiative to rebuild the social life of the market. They launched a social media drive and managed to attract more than 350 people to their first ‘Space Exploration’ event.

Lucie Koldova Is in Das Haus

The Czech designer, lauded for her work as Brokis’ artistic director, is the guest designer for the 2018 edition of imm Cologne’s Das Haus. Watch her out!

Oh couleurs! at the MADD Bordeaux

Curated by Constance Rubini with scenography by Pierre Charpin, the exhibition explores the way users interact with the colours in designed objects

Wypożycz sobie local – Katowice

Wypożycz sobie local – Rent the Place DIY For the first time, the Foundation addressed the issue of empty buildings in 2013, during the realisation of the project Vacant Central Europe: Mapping and recycling empty urban properties.

Riera Pomés Berta

Berta Riera Pomés was born in Barcelona in 1977. She graduated in Sculpture (2001) at the Universitat de Barcelona in Spain and in Product Design (2009) at the Hochschule für Gestaltung,

Bus Station

Cieszyn is a small town with an old historical centre. This part of the town is full of historical buildings, small shops and service outlets, craft workshops, restaurants and cafés, which are all located along the main street.

Stylepark’s Jury’s Choice

imm Cologne’s Jury’s Choice applauded the three best-implemented installations at this year’s fair. The winners? Emu, Pedrali and Dante Goods and Bads.

3 Folds n° III

silkscreen print on paper, cut and folded, framed paper
size: 28 x 21 cm
framed:42,8 x 34,5 cm
unique piece
in a series of 15

Glass is Tomorrow: Meisenthal 2

July 2014
Designers: Mark Braun, Paweł Grobelny, Norayr Khachatryan, Adrian Rovero, Studio Monsieur –Romain Diroux & Manon Leblanc, Sema Topaloglu
Glassblowers: Róisín Buitléar, CIAV Blowers, Christophe Genard, Sébastien Maurer, Jean-Marc Schilt
Meisenthal has long been know as the cradle of Art Nouveau glass and the glassworks that enabled
Emile Gallé as well as René Lalique to revolutionise the glass industry.

TAF – Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom

TAF is a Stockholm based design and architecture studio founded by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom. Since its foundation in 2002, it has achieved international acclaim with a portfolio of work spanning touring exhibitions,


wet plate collodion, 2 tintypes, signature engraved on the back of the plates, framed
25 x 40cm (40 x 55cm framed)
8 + 2AP

Those Southern Swedish Design Genes

Designer-curator Kajsa Willner reps Southern Sweden with ‘What’s Your DNA,’ an exhibition that celebrates the creative identity of the Scania region

Je participe à la rénovation de mon école ! – Saint-Etienne

Je participe à la rénovation de mon école ! – I’m participating in the renovation of my school !   Je participe à la rénovation de mon école ! is an experiment born of a common and strong will between socio-cultural center Boris Vian and the Cité du Design,

Dogstudio: Wildly Moving

We talked with Gilles Bazelaire and Gaëtan Libertiaux, from digital juggernaut Dogstudio, about their faith in Namur as a creative hub and the importance of print publications –even today

Monolith, Texture du temps

Acrylic, oil, charcoal and marble dust on linen canvas
180 x 110 cm (each)
Signed and dated