Blanc Cassé Table

Steel, paint, varnish, 2015, 250 x 90 x 75 cm

unique piece

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The Soul of the Boijmans

Anima Mundi, a current exhibition at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, deals with the unexpected places where souls are found

Marlene Huissoud on Crystallized

Marlene Huissoud, showing at Spazio Nobile in Brussels until April 19, talks about her creative process and materials, and tells us where we can see her newest work during Milan Design Week.

Mindcraft 17: Eske Rex & Maria Mengel

For this year’s Mindcraft exhibition – Milan Design Week: 4 to 9 April – celebrated Danish duo, Eske Rex and Maria Mengel, debuts Day Bed; an exploration of the transition from sleep to activity,

Das Pop / Single bulb

With this piece Maarten Baas looked toward classic, recognizable shapes, yet with a modern and almost comic twist. Technically it is a unique joint-venture between the classic hand-blown glass by Lasvit and the clay-covered arms by Baas and his production team from Den Herder Production House.

Maniera Presents Jonathan Muecke

Maniera is not your usual design gallery. Located at the heart of the Sablon, the historical art center of Brussels, the gallery has carved out a unique space for itself in the increasingly crowded international design world.

Conclusive Experimentation Lab in Milan, La Piana on June, 2nd 2016

The team sets up its main tasks in an overall process in order to systematize and make the most of the complexity of an action-research project. The Milan team framed an educational design programme to build the in-the-field actions to be done by design students and researchers in order to involve in a longer and […]


Jesper Eriksson, 2020
Anthracite coal – Tinted hardened glass
Dimensions: 90 x 135 x 50 cm
Unique piece

TLmag Nasza Polska

With Nasza Polska (translating as ‘our Poland), Pro Materia and TLmag brought contemporary Polish design into the spotlight. After an extensive tour in Warsaw, Cmielow, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow and Szumin,

Casacor Miami

A Brazilian phenomenon brought to South Florida, Casacor offers an alternative to the standard fair…

The Secret Life of Urban Plants

Artist Lise Duclaux closely and playfully observes the world around us. Her current exhibition focuses on ‘Little Plants in the Crannied Sidewalk’

Material Tendencies: Jeanne Gang

Shifting the focus of the Material Tendencies series, to take in the perspective of the architect, Architonic met up with Jeanne Gang, founder of the Chicago-based Studio Gang


hand blown glass by Emil Kovac and Aleš Vacek, silvered inside, cold cut and assembled
50 x ø 30 cm
unique piece, signed by the artist


Pangolin [Uromanis supraclimatis]

Limited edition with 10+2 artist’s proofs. Each picture has a unique size. Framed as an American box with a engraved brass plate. Chromogenic print (C-Print) on HR Ilfoflex Prestige paper.

Available edition: 3/10

Vesturland #11

Pigment print on cotton paper
70 x 50 cm
Framed, signed and dated
Edition of 8 + 2AP

BGW Spotlight: Galerie Templon

Get to know the Gallerists behind Brussels Gallery Weekend! Here, Mathieu Templon of Galerie Templon shares his thoughts on the Belgian design scene and the process behind Franz Ackermann’s new show ‘Our Houses’

Toch Adi

Adi Toch explores the visual language of metal through colour, movement, sound and tactility. She makes engaging objects that investigate the embodiment of vessels and containers. Beginning with a flat sheet,

100 years of Achille Castiglioni!

TLmag talks to Patricia Urquiola and Federica Sala about their curation of ‘A Castilgioni’ – a monolithic exhibition celebrating the Milanese design maestro

Hella Jongerius: Breathing Colour

The Dutch designer discusses how her latest exhibition, at London’s Design Museum, is a manifesto for the full potential of colour

Sweets / Small

Created with blowers from Ramazan Master Team. Mould blown glass, 2014
3 plates are available in Corian and also in marble plate.
3 vases are also available in transparent green.

Vessel Gallery: Twenty Years Celebrating British Studio Glass

Since founding London’s Vessel Gallery 20 years ago, Angel Monzon has become an expert on the contemporary glass-art scene, exhibiting and developing the work of a myriad glass artists. As a proud proponent of glass as a hand-worked skill,

Commerce Design Brussels 2010 – 2011

Following the first successful edition of the competition, Commerce Design Brussels invited retailers from the capital region to participate to the award-scheme. The competition rewarded the quality of the interior and exterior design of shops and promoted the talent of designers and architects in Brussels.

La Cartonnerie – Saint-Etienne

La Cartonnerie CARTON PLEIN association was formed at the instigation of EPASE in October 2010, around the conception by episode of temporary and experimental public space of 2000m2 : La Cartonnerie.


Image 8×8 cm
Artist Frame 13X18
Edition one of a kind
All frames are mounted with anti reflection & UV protection glasses

New Year’s Brunch: Wishing You A Noble Year 2018

New Year’s Brunch: 14.1.2018, 12-4 pm
Season VI
Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur
Piet Stockmans & Frederik Vercruysse, Duo Show
Until 4 February 2018

Spazio Nobile invites you to celebrate the past and the brand new year this Sunday.

Serge Leblon X Adanso Charity Sale

Renowned Belgian photographer Serge Leblon joined forces with charity Adanso to create a compelling series of photographs to be sold for financing their educational projects with ESF in Burkina Faso

Publication : Occurence

Special issue of Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design Magazine about Human Cities. Invited by Cité du design Saint-Étienne to join the Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale European programme, the Images_Récits_Documents team at ESADSE (Saint-Étienne Higher School of Art and Design) has been pondering the notion of the scale of the vision of urban […]

Bazilikiada – Izola

Bazilikiada – Basil street event Events have been already taking place in this street for a long time. But they were not as big as the ones that are implemented today.

Sophie Whettnall: Highlighting Ourselves

TLmag met with multidisciplinary artist Sophie Whettnall a few weeks before the vernissage of her first solo institutional exhibition in Belgium at CENTRALE – one of the most important steps in her career.

Chamber Gallery Provokes at Design Miami

With a dramatic centrepiece by Studio Job, Chamber gallery explores the challenges civilisation faces as we propel ourselves into the future in its DesignMiami/ 2016 exhibition debut.

Vesturland #22

Pigment print on cotton paper
70 x 50 cm
Framed, signed and dated
Edition of 8 + 2AP

Isaac Monte on Crystallized

Designer Isaac Monte tells TLmag about the years of research that went into his work on display in Crystallized, at Spazio Nobile in Brussels until April 19.

Left Glass

Sculpted and polished crystal.
“The Island of Murano in Venice is a Unique Place. Located in the lagoon surrounded and shaped by the marine coloured sea, sits an endless supply of sand (glass’s primary ingredient).

Lith Prints

Image 30×40 cm
Artist Frame  40×50
Edition  8+2
All frames are mounted with anti reflection & UV protection glasses

Untitled I

watercolor on Japanese paper,
framed and signed by the artist
68 x 50 cm
unique piece




Image 18×24 cm
Artist Frame 27X21 cm
Edition  one of a kind
All frames are mounted with anti reflection & UV protection glasses

Still 02

5 + 2 AP, 36 x 24 cm
inkjet on Hahnemühle Baryta framed
signed and dated

Falaise Santorini

Pigment print on cotton paper
60 x 45 cm
Framed, signed and dated
Edition of 8 + 2AP

Daireaux François

François Daireaux seeks out original sites around the world; his travels take him wherever people live and work. Away from tourist maps or any form of exoticism, for almost 25 years François Daireaux has travelled alone to new countries to record his experiences.

IREENE A beautiful intention

A distinguished space, neither truly masculine nor particularly feminine. Sober lines, natural stone floors, graphic…

BGW Spotlight: Ballon Rouge Collective

Get to know the Gallerists behind Brussels Gallery Weekend! Here, Nicole O’Rourke of Ballon Rouge Collective shares her thoughts on the Belgian design scene and the process behind ‘OF ALL THE THINGS I’VE LOST’.

Halo By Matthew McCormick

Spotted at the hallowed Spazio Rossana Orlandi during this month’s Milan Design Week (4-9 April),…

Conversation in Silence

Limited edition with 8 +2 artist’s proofs. Pigment print on handmade Japanese paper, signed, titled, dated and numbered, Frame in oak with Optiwhite glass

A Finnish and Japanese Fusion: Artek at Milan Design Week

Celebrating the unique relationship between Finland and Japan, Artek unites traditional craftsmanship with contemporary and classic designs from both cultures in their new FIN/JPN Friendship Collection, launching at this year’s Milan Design Week.

Hartikainen Antrei

Antrei Hartikainen (b. 1991) is a master cabinetmaker and designer from Finland known for his exquisite works in wood. The award- winning pieces, including functional products and pure art works, achieve heights of sensuality,

Material Tendencies: Fabio Novembre

Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre describes himself as a wise monkey who feels at home in the jungle. Maybe this is why some of his works err on the wild side.

Pot bleu vert

45 years after his Golden Medal won at the Design Center Brussels, 1972, the Italian potter and ceramist Antonio Lampecco comes back to the contemporary scene at Spazio Nobile. As a passionate artist, he will never stop creating new typologies of objects, searching always for new cristalline glosses, glazes and firing processes. Looking back at the golden age of Maredsous Abbey, where Lampecco studied ceramics, we are reexploring with him the Maredsous school founded in 1903, which was from 1939 until the mid-1960s one of the excellence center for applied arts in Belgium, especially when speaking about training artists rather than craftsmen in the field of silversmithing and ceramics. Many of the masterpieces coming from Maredsous have been revealed to the public at the Expo 58 in Brussels.

Arte Shop – Bilbao

Arte Shop The initiative was presented the 2011/06/29 by Lan Ekintza and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country, and as far as funding is concerned has a 50% co-financing from the European Social Fund.

Lada Semecká’s ‘Haiku’

Having developed her own methodology of devitrifying and crystalising glass particles, Lada Semecká’s minimalist ‘glass pictures’ are as much a reflection of the mastery of her craft as they are physical manifestations of her dreamy inner landscapes.


Entropia explores the magic of crystallized landscapes in both a triptych and a large – format C prints.

Valentine Witmeur Lab: A Knitwear Revival

Before turning to knit sweater design, Valentine Witmeur was an influencer. Produced in Portugal and distributed through a network of high-end stores -the creations of this Brussels-born designer are part of an on-trend yet carefully considered approach to fashion.

White Fennec [Zerdas hypnoticus]

Limited edition with 10+2 artist’s proofs. Each picture has a unique size. Framed as an American box with a engraved brass plate. Chromogenic print (C-Print) on HR Ilfoflex Prestige paper.

Available edition: 2/10

How to start my Own Brand? – 14 January

How to create and build up a brand in the fashion and accessories sector — and protect it on the Belgian and international market? In this seminar, legal experts, renown designers (Hubert Verstraeten,

Photo-Story of our Neighbourhood

You are invited to catch the image of yours/ours residential neighbourhoods through a photo camera or a camera on a mobile phone, an thus contribute to the creation of a common photo album of the current state of the art in the neighbourhoods.

Monté Isaac

Isaac Monté has a fascination for unusual materials and an urge to master and manipulate these materials. He is a Belgian designer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Isaac studied at art academies in Belgium,

Containers – Table

Containers, vases and side table in coloured silvered glass, hand blown Bohemian Craftmanship, Table cm 36Hx38O, ed. by Pulpo (D), 2013  (c) pulpo Gmbh


CIAV, Meisenthal-France, 2015
piggy bank
blown glass
Ø 100 x 160 mm

Neri & Hu

One of the most dynamic design companies in China today, Neri & Hu, answered to TL Mag about their inspiration and their collaboration.

Intimate Explorations: Next to the Skin

Intimacy is something both universal and allusive. Exploring this somewhat slippery feeling are 12 artist installations at the exhibition ‘Next to the Skin’


Corten steel
50 x 20 x30 cm
1/2 A.P.