Ausgebrannt Stools Inner Center

by Kaspar Hamacher

SN_Kaspar Hamacher_Ausgebrannt Stools + Stein Walnut and OakSN_Kaspar Hamacher_The Ausgebrannt Stools_bisSN_Kaspar Hamacher_The Ausgebrannt Stools

Ausgebrannt Stools Inner Center: 4 pieces : 66 h x 32 cm / 1 piece: 88 h x 29cm / 1 piece: 52 h x 57cm

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High desk in massive beech, unique piece
Size : 110 x 77 cm

Der Stein

Unique piece in solid oak
Size : 110 x 30 cm


Season II – Forest of Light, 15.09-20.11.2016

Spazio Nobile by Pro Materia Gallery
Saison / Season II
15.IX – 20.XI.2016
Jörg Bräuer, photography & mixed media : Vaux-le-Vicomte, Silent Path Iceland, Edge of Silence, Insula Maior / The Nature of Things
Nathalie Dewez,

The Black Bench

Unique pieces in solid beech sculpted with fire
Size : 200 x 50 x 46 cm

Hamacher Kaspar

With a degree from the Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Kaspar Hamacher, originally from Belgium’s Eastern Cantons, takes nature as the starting point in his daily life as a sculptor and a designer of artistic furniture.

Der Stein in solid oak

Kaspar Hamacher, Der Stein in solid oak (flat top): 105 length x 70 width x 35 cm height