Atlantic with salmon coat

Frederik Vercruysse

60 x 80 cm
ed. 12+2 a.p.
framed, signed
and dated

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Frederik Vercruysse for Limited Edition

Limited Edition is previewing three artistic commissions for its 25th anniversary at Art Brussels from April 19 to 23, including a photo series by Frederik Vercruysse.

Atlantic with blue bag

Frederik Vercruysse
inkjet print
60 x 80 cm
ed. 12+2 a.p.
framed, signed and dated

Vercruysse Frederik

Originally from West-Flanders, Antwerp-based Frederik Vercruysse has imposed his photographic eye for more than a decade, cultivating a taste for architecture. The very good quality of his documentary and artistic images led to international renown.

GV Window

40 x 60 cm
ed. 5+2 a.p. – framed, signed and dated

Season VI – Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur

Piet Stockmans and Frederik Vercruysse converse around the theme Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur. Stockmans, master of porcelain and inventor of his famous Stockmansblauw, and Vercruysse, talented architecture and interior design photographer, inhabit the space through artistic installations and tactile and visual assemblages.