Formes Libres Studio

Formes Libres Studio was created in Belgium in 2017 by the artist Sophie Gohr and her partner Patrick Vanbellinghen. After journeying through the commercial and cultural world, the desire to connect with nature and make it an artistic medium became essential. The activity of the duo mainly focuses on the creation of sculptural jewelry and ceramics. Nature is at the source, suggesting unusual, unique and aesthetic forms. Traveling, walking in cities, countryside, mountains or beaches opens your eyes to every detail that could previously be perceived as trivial. The use of local or more exotic plants, minerals and shells, found on distant lands, makes the experimentation inexhaustible as well as that of the field of poetry and emotion. Form is essential. The technique is a challenge. Making the form or the object solid when it is in reality fragile, light, becomes an interesting constraint in the development of a jewel which, on its scale, takes both the status of adornment and object to pose. The transformation of the raw material results from the covering of the “found object” with 18 carat gold or bronze. The material makes it precious and reveals it differently, often bringing out details imperceptible to the naked eye. Nature remains naturally present in this artifact. These are neither casts nor reproductions of objects. Unique and impossible to reproduce, this versatile object tends to be worn like a talisman or even a treasure. Sensuality and touch make it desirable. It can be very small as extravagant and can also be considered a sculpture in its own right.