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Eric van Hove – Mahjouba Marrakech

November, 03 2018

When is a motorbike not just a motorbike? When it’s the Mahjouba 1, a prototype by conceptual artist Eric van Hove, designed for use in the streets of Marrakesh.

Looking Back: Dutch Design Week 2018

November, 02 2018

From emotional robots to giant cuddly bears, the 17th edition of Dutch Design Week wowed its 355,000 visitors with the mechanical, the social and the wondrous

Celebrating French Craftsmanship

November, 01 2018

Find out who is the at the top of French Craftsmanship with TLmag’s recap of the Liliane Bettencourt Prize pour l’intelligence de la main 2018

Walking the Tightrope with Haegue Yang

October, 30 2018

At the Triennale di Milano, artist Haegue Yang’s vast multi-media installations and artworks explore personal and universal tensions in her solo exhibition

African Body Adornments

October, 28 2018

The Evolving Facets of African Jewelry thanks to three Cutting Edge Designers who are setting new standards.

Stephen Burks Man Made

October, 27 2018

Stephen Burks on his relationship with Africa, working with African artisans, and the evolution of his practice.

18 Works from G18

October, 25 2018

The 2018 graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven gather at the Campina milk factory for G18 where they explore, investigate and challenge global affairs

Understanding the HOW? in the WOW!

October, 24 2018

‘WOW! How did you make that?’ This question is the premise for the Craft Council Nederland’s exhibition at DDW which reimagines weaving in wondrous ways

Neon Daylight: Sabine Marcelis

October, 18 2018

Resin, glass, neon lighting and bright colors define the works of designer Sabine Marcelis which range from architectural scale to small lighting