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We Wish You A Noble Year 2019

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Season VI  Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur. Piet Stockmans & Frederik Vercruysse, 

Glass Art: The Zeitgeist of the Moment

December, 17 2018

‘New Scandinavian Glass’ celebrates the changing face of Scandinavian glass work is Vessel Gallery, London. Gallerist Angel Mozon tells TL mag about it…

David Carette – Artistic audacity

December, 16 2018

Scenography, fashion shoots, artistic direction, video, photography, clothing design…. David Carette has always presented himself as a multi-facetted creative professional. Today the story is taking a new twist: he is finally daring to define himself as an artist.

Hovertone Thrill-makers

December, 15 2018

This Mons-based studio takes an emotional and interactive approach to design, with storytelling that skilfully mixes the human dimension and the digital experience. A meeting with Nicolas d’Alessandro, co-founder of Hovertone.

Mapping Brutalist Architecture

December, 11 2018

Phaidon’s new book—’Atlas of Brutalist Architecture’—presents the most comprehensive survey to date of this ever-controversial building typology

Serge Leblon X Adanso Charity Sale

December, 10 2018

Renowned Belgian photographer Serge Leblon joined forces with charity Adanso to create a compelling series of photographs to be sold for financing their educational projects with ESF in Burkina Faso

The Secret Life of Urban Plants

December, 10 2018

Artist Lise Duclaux closely and playfully observes the world around us. Her current exhibition focuses on ‘Little Plants in the Crannied Sidewalk’