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FH Joaneum interview with Frank van Hasselt

October, 18 2017

Frank van Hasselt is Chief Executive of Clear Village, a London-based charity that helps communities build a better future through creative regeneration. At the Graz symposium “Five Days in Jakomini”-experimentation labs he talks about the Clear Village charity and how stealing from other cities can be a good thing.



October, 18 2017

MASTERCLASS TITLE: “Altercartography” DATES: From 9/5/2016 to 12/5/2016. 09:00 to 14:00 LOCATION: BIZKAIA ARETOA, UNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY (UPV-EHU), Bilbao. AND STREETS OF BILBAO GIVEN BY the artist of international prestige,


“Walking the Streets!”

October, 18 2017

Experiment “Walking the streets!” was carried out in Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco y Zabala neighbourhoods in the framework of the Human Cities project in Bilboa.   The initial goal is to develop,

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Spazio Nobile at Art Elysées, Art & Design

October, 13 2017

19– 23.10.2017
Spazio Nobile at Art Elysées Art & Design
Pavilion C –  310C
19-23.10.2017, 11.00-20.00
Spazio Nobile will showcase contemporary unique pieces and limited editions exploring the organic and material alchemy.


Bus Station

October, 12 2017

Cieszyn is a small town with an old historical centre. This part of the town is full of historical buildings, small shops and service outlets, craft workshops, restaurants and cafés, which are all located along the main street.