The birth of C.H.O.S.E in Saint-Etienne

— February, 26 2016

How Saint-Etienne launched a Collective Humancitizens Office of StEtienne Experimentations (C.H.O.S.E) Saint-Etienne distinguishes itself by its design laboratory approach where some local actors develop their own actions and methodologies in order to question urban issues and to transform the city with its inhabitants. 

Annual Human Cities Partners Meeting. Milan 2016

— February, 22 2016

Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano will host the Human Cities annual meeting involving more than 30 participants from the 11 partners. The meeting will be an opportunity to share how the European cities involved in the programme,

Human Cities_Challenging City Scale/Milano Exhibition

— February, 22 2016

During the Milan Design Week, Human Cities presents “Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano”, an interactive exhibition in a 500 sqm space at BASE Milano (Via Bergognone 34, Milano) during the Milan Design Week,

Urban Temporary Solutions – Milan 2016

— February, 22 2016

Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano will run two Experiment Labs to involve visitors, citizens and the representatives of the 11 partners to “challenge the city scale”. The first Experiment Lab will take place at BASE during the exhibition of Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano starting from the design experience of the Masterclass “Temporary Urban Solutions”.

C.H.O.S.E experimenting in St.-Etienne

— February, 19 2016

The first action of C.H.O.S.E is to launch a call for initiatives for local actors in order to establish an experimental program in 2016 – 2017 (see calendar below) The result of this call for initiatives was very rich: 4 local actors came forward and presented their initiatives.

Experimenting Public Liveability in Belgrade

— February, 19 2016

The experimentations in Belgrade aim to improve the liveability of public spaces in their city. In May 2016 a series of experiments will be held in collaboration with THINKtent, Mjehur na Mrezi,

“Saint-Etienne changes design, French capital of design”, expo in Milan

— February, 19 2016

Exhibition  « Saint-Etienne changes design,  French capital of design » . From 2nd of April till 12th of September 2016 at BASE Milano (ex Ansaldo) Zona Tortona next to the MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) – Within the framework the XXI International Exhibition Triennale di Milano  “Design after Design” To answer the topic  “Design after Design”, 

Enabling People

— February, 12 2016

Strategies and methods to enable people. Interview with Francois Jégou of Strategic Design Scenarios.

Human Cities Toolbox

— February, 10 2016

THE TOOLBOX: one of the most important outcomes of Human Cities II; enabling citizens to take action.

A brief resumé of the past.

— February, 04 2016

Before HUMAN CITIES 2015-2018, Challenging the city scale, accelerates, discover a snapshot of the past through the eyes of the oldest partners.

Pilotprojekt Jakominiviertel – Graz

— February, 02 2016

Pilotprojekt Jakominiviertel  – Pilot Project Jakomini Quarter In the 18th century, the quarter of Jakomini was a suburban zone, where baron Caspar Andreas von Jakomini erected many houses along Jakoministraße,

Il Giardino degli Aromi – Milan

— February, 02 2016

Il Giardino degli Aromi – The Seasoning’s Garden Il Giardino degli Aromi was set up because of the will of re-appropriation of a disused park from a group of women passionate in plantation.

ProstoRož – Ljubljana

— February, 02 2016

ProstoRož – Space of Flowers The association and the project of Prostoroz were created in 2004 by three young architects who studied together at the Architecture University of Ljubljana. The Ljubljana they were living in at that time was nothing to do compare to what the city is nowadays.

Je participe à la rénovation de mon école ! – Saint-Etienne

— February, 02 2016

Je participe à la rénovation de mon école ! – I’m participating in the renovation of my school !   Je participe à la rénovation de mon école ! is an experiment born of a common and strong will between socio-cultural center Boris Vian and the Cité du Design,

DisPlace. Made in Chiaravalle – Milan

— February, 02 2016

DisPlace. Made in Chiaravalle The most striking peculiarity of Chiaravalle is the absence of a public square, which is unusual for an Italian village. Actually, there is a central space,

Unlimited Cities DIY (UNLI DIY) – World-wide

— February, 02 2016

Unlimited Cities DIY (UNLI DIY) The association and its philosophy Created in 2010, the start-up UFO tries to invent digital tools to help the development of cooperation and participation in urban processes.

Farm Cultural Park – Favara

— February, 02 2016

Farm Cultural Park The story of Favara started in 2010 when notary Andrea Bartoli and his lawyer wife Florinda Saieva decided to move from Paris and restart their life in their native region,

V troje – Ljubljana

— February, 02 2016

V troje  – Threesome   The formal encounter of the future partners This bottom up initiative started in a formal way. 30 young professionals were invited by the British Council Slovenia (an institution promoting cultural relations,

Skupaj na ploščad! – Ljubljana

— February, 02 2016

Skupaj na ploščad!  – Together to the Platform!   Bratovževa ploščad is one of numerous sleeping neighbourhoods of Ljubljana that lack its own local life and identity. Even if extensive paved and green open spaces are provided in the neighbourhood they are desolate and not used.

TOUS CHAMPIONS – Saint-Etienne

— February, 02 2016

TOUS CHAMPIONS ! – Everybody is a champion !   Tous Champions! Was born from a bigger, international initiative: People Olympics. People Olympics: 10.000s strong teams competing for their city WellBeing,

Coltivando. L’orto conviviale al Politecnico di Milano – Milan

— February, 02 2016

Coltivando. L’orto conviviale al Politecnico di Milano- Coltivando. The Convivial garden at Politecnico di Milano The Bovisa Durando campus, which houses the School of Design, was built at the end of the 90s on the site of “Ceretti &