“Ici Bientôt”

— May, 30 2016

“Ici Bientôt” ( = “Coming soon”) is the first workshop of Saint-Etienne experimentation lab C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun (Collective Humancitizens Office of StEtienne Experimentations) C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun aims at giving to Beaubrun district a new dynamism.

Progressland at Chamber NYC

— May, 29 2016

Exploring the innovative potential of our connection to nature through artefacts and design, Andrew Zuckerman mounts the Progressland exhibit at Chamber NYC.

Moonlight Monks

— May, 24 2016

As we were looking for interview partners in the inner city district of Jakomini (start of the experimentation labs in Graz) we met two residents who have been living there since the 1940s.

Cieszyn co-creation briefing

— April, 29 2016

The first co-creation briefing of Human Cities in Cieszyn – Challenging the City Scale took place on the 9th-11th of November 2015. The meeting was devoted to the centre of Cieszyn,

The initial use of the interactive digital catalogue

— April, 29 2016

For many months designers and developers of FH Joanneum Graz had been working on the realisation of the interactive digital catalogue. On the occasion of the first Human Cities exhibition opening in Milan visitors and participants were able to use the catalogue app for the first time.

HC_Challenging the City Scale/ Milano

— April, 10 2016

Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale is significantly different in scale compared to the previous editions. It has established a truly European and international frame in order to create the best place to be for engaging design-driven initiatives to take place within public space and have a truly and positive impact on professionals and the general […]

Empty Space in Jakomini – Graz 2016

— April, 04 2016

Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Graz will run Experimentation Labs to involve citizens, local actors and some representatives of the 11 partners to “challenge the city scale”. In Graz the first steps have already taken place in March 2016.

The birth of C.H.O.S.E in Saint-Etienne

— February, 26 2016

How Saint-Etienne launched a Collective Humancitizens Office of StEtienne Experimentations (C.H.O.S.E) Saint-Etienne distinguishes itself by its design laboratory approach where some local actors develop their own actions and methodologies in order to question urban issues and to transform the city with its inhabitants. 

Annual Human Cities Partners Meeting. Milan 2016

— February, 22 2016

Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano will host the Human Cities annual meeting involving more than 30 participants from the 11 partners. The meeting will be an opportunity to share how the European cities involved in the programme,

Human Cities_Challenging City Scale/Milano Exhibition

— February, 22 2016

During the Milan Design Week, Human Cities presents “Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano”, an interactive exhibition in a 500 sqm space at BASE Milano (Via Bergognone 34, Milano) during the Milan Design Week,

Urban Temporary Solutions – Milan 2016

— February, 22 2016

Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano will run two Experiment Labs to involve visitors, citizens and the representatives of the 11 partners to “challenge the city scale”. The first Experiment Lab will take place at BASE during the exhibition of Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano starting from the design experience of the Masterclass “Temporary Urban Solutions”.

C.H.O.S.E experimenting in St.-Etienne

— February, 19 2016

The first action of C.H.O.S.E is to launch a call for initiatives for local actors in order to establish an experimental program in 2016 – 2017 (see calendar below) The result of this call for initiatives was very rich: 4 local actors came forward and presented their initiatives.

Experimenting Public Liveability in Belgrade

— February, 19 2016

The experimentations in Belgrade aim to improve the liveability of public spaces in their city. In May 2016 a series of experiments will be held in collaboration with THINKtent, Mjehur na Mrezi,