Studio Nucleo

— September, 09 2016

If you’ve been to any major design art fair in the past five years, you’ve…

Maniera Presents Jonathan Muecke

— September, 08 2016

Maniera is not your usual design gallery. Located at the heart of the Sablon, the historical art center of Brussels, the gallery has carved out a unique space for itself in the increasingly crowded international design world.

Sculpting Scent at the Conran Shop

— September, 05 2016

Laboratory Perfumes launches its fifth scent, Atlas, with a special exhibition at the Conran Shop in Marylebone, featuring new works by artist and designer Zuza Mengham.

Photo-Story of our Neighbourhood

— September, 05 2016

You are invited to catch the image of yours/ours residential neighbourhoods through a photo camera or a camera on a mobile phone, an thus contribute to the creation of a common photo album of the current state of the art in the neighbourhoods.

Spazio Nobile Season II

— September, 03 2016

Investigating how time shapes nature, Brussels-based Spazio Nobile gallery opens its second season (15 September…

Why Tschumi Matters

— September, 02 2016

In architecture, there is a fear of “theory.” Ever since the end of the Critical…

Material Tendencies: Eugeni Quitllet

— August, 31 2016

Describing himself as a ‘Disoñador’, a combination of the Spanish words designer and dreamer, Eugeni Quitllet likes to enter another dimension when designing objects and furniture. He believes that there should always be something magical in the object.

Laura Kimpton Presents @EARTH#HOME

— August, 30 2016

California-based artist Laura Kimpton returns to Burning Man to create her tenth installation, a simple sentiment about the planet that we call home.

Christian Wassmann

— August, 26 2016

Christian Wassmann’s New York studio is something of a cabinet of curiosities. On one wall…

Autoban to Present The Wish Machine in London

— August, 25 2016

Next month at the first-ever London Design Biennale, Istanbul-based design studio Autoban will present “The Wish Machine” — one of 30 responses, from each of the 30 participating countries, to the theme “Utopia by Design”.

Material Tendencies: Michele de Lucchi

— August, 24 2016

The work of Italian architect and designer Michele de Lucchi reflects his enquiring mind and breadth of interest. His portfolio includes a number of private and public projects in the fields of architecture,

Valerio Olgiati

— August, 19 2016

Valerio Olgiati’s architecture is all about purity. It embodies a purity of form, of material, of…