TLmag 26 – Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels

— November, 22 2016

TLmag 26 (Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels) releases on 26 November at Spazio Nobile Gallery in Brussels. Pick up your copy at Design Miami from 30 November to 4 December.

No Sex by Atelier Biagetti

— November, 19 2016

Exploring one of the more extreme potentialities of our increasingly virtual world, Milan-based Atelier Biagetti…

10 Years of Thomas Eyck

— November, 18 2016

Zuiderzee Museum teamed up with experimental curator Jules van de Langenberg to mount a performative…

Maker Mile, FabCity?

— November, 17 2016

Fabrication according to conventional wisdom is where raw materials are turned into finished goods on a large scale. The image that comes to mind is of industrial buildings with smoking stacks on the brown belt of a regional city and shipping containers packed with batches of 1000’s meeting a global market.

Thonet at Orgatec 2016

— November, 17 2016

In keeping with the work-centred remit of Orgatec, Thonet is pleased to introduce the CANOR…

Human Cities: an exemplary cooperation project for UNESCO

— November, 10 2016

“Re-thinking the contemporary city through the prism of a multi-level network”.This what the UNESCO considered as exemplary for the sustainable development of cities in the case of the project Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale.