Daichi Takagi: Intuition

— August, 16 2019

Time & Style presents an exhibition in which the Japanese artist reconsiders his culture, history, and his own roots in a unique way.

A Picturesque Voyage through ‘Trees’

— August, 12 2019

Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain’s latest exhibition gives voice to figures who, aesthetically or scientifically, reveal the beauty and biological wealth of trees which is currently being threatened by deforestation.

Studio Stoëmp: Belgian Style with a Twist

— August, 11 2019

This Brussels studio cultivates a carefully reasoned approach to graphic design. Contemporary, meticulous and rather trendy, the Stoëmp style is centred on experience and ethical practices. TLmag met with Italian-Polish designer-duo Gaetano Licata and Wojciech Szlachta,


— August, 10 2019

Designing fabrics that are exported around the world, these two designers are as close as they are complementary. TLmag meets with half of the otherwise inseparable duo Barbara Repole, who, together with Sébastien Pescarollo,

Petr Kavan: A Brief Visit

— July, 29 2019

Czech storyteller and philosopher Petr Kavan invites visitors to look within themselves through his exhibition of black granite and bronze statues which reflect on spiritual and esoteric notions of human destiny and existence.

Song Hongquan’s Underground

— July, 22 2019

Chinese stone carver Song Hongquan reflects on changes in his professional and personal life by presenting three series of works that lay bare disintegrating sculptural traditions, unstable environments and controversial practices.

Architecture: Islands of Activity

— July, 19 2019

Harold Mollet advised Pascal Rambert on furniture choices for his recent play Architecture, which challenges the borders of and overlap between disciplines.

Making a Splash with EXPEDITION SWIM

— July, 18 2019

Thanks to POOL IS COOL, an open platform of Belgian citizens and experts, people will be able to enjoy and jump into three of Brussels’ many ponds for the first time in decades.

Wanås Konst: Unhurried Experiences

— July, 11 2019

TLmag talks to Elisabeth Millqvist, the artistic and co-director of Wanås Konst: a beautifully isolated Swedish sculpture park that breaks the behavioural barriers of the white cube – and whose open collaboration with artists ignites a refreshing approach to looking at and experiencing art.


— July, 08 2019

In September 2018, all the European partners of Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale were invited to present the project in a conference and exhibition Human City Design co-curated by the Cité du design Saint-Etienne,

Jan Frydrych’s Opticality

— July, 08 2019

Czech glass artist and sculptor Jan Frydrych combines transparent, red and indigo-blue glass to create sophisticated optical glass-art pieces. Imbued with life as light shines through them, the pieces offer a new dimension to the world that they refract.

IREENE A beautiful intention

— July, 07 2019

A distinguished space, neither truly masculine nor particularly feminine. Sober lines, natural stone floors, graphic…