Atelier Toboggan – Saint-Etienne

— February, 02 2016

Atelier Toboggan – Urban Street Slide Workshop Introduced by the Captain Ludd designers, this participative workshop of manufacturing a “urban street slide workshop” aimed at creating a moment of meeting around a do-it-yourself activity with the the Crêt-de-Roch inhabitants.


Non Riservato – Milan

— February, 02 2016

Non Riservato The concept of Non Riservato has born in 2011, when Ex-Voto organized a series of meetings related to sharing culture and social regeneration. They wanted to offer an entertaining and sustainable way out of social isolation and frustration.


NIL28 – Milan

— February, 02 2016

NIL28 NIL28 was founded in 2011 by a number of creative professionals and studios sharing the same neighbourhood and willing to put their expertise to the service of local inhabitants.


Linnad Kõigile-Tallinn Kõigile – Tallinn

— February, 02 2016

Linnad Kõigile-Tallinn Kõigile – Cities for All – Tallin for All The participants have three goals: — To make Tallinn a more accessible and comfortable destination and to improve it as a place to live by opening the city to more of its residents: people like the elderly,


The Walled Garden – London

— February, 02 2016

The Walled Garden The Walled Garden story started for Clear Village in 2011, when Clear Village founder Thomas Ermacora visited the site and was struck by its potential. At the time the garden had been derelict for many years,


THINKtent Beograd Human City – Belgrade

— February, 02 2016

THINKtent Beograd Human City – THINKtent Belgrade Human City THINKtent Beograd Human City aims to offer the people of Belgrade an intimate, beautiful and safe space for them to come together for conversation and reflection.


Mjehur Na Mrezi – MNM – Belgrade

— February, 02 2016

Mjehur Na Mrezi – MNM – The Blop on the Net BON Mjehur Na Mrezi currently operates as podcast, produced and distributed weekly. Content is distributed and promoted only through social networks / MixCloud,


«Les vieux beaux» – Saint-Etienne

— February, 01 2016

«Les vieux beaux» Where are the old municipal furniture elements ? Abraded, damaged or broked, they remain an excellent material. By repairing and transforming them, the ETC Collective create new objects,


La Cartonnerie – Saint-Etienne

— February, 01 2016

La Cartonnerie CARTON PLEIN association was formed at the instigation of EPASE in October 2010, around the conception by episode of temporary and experimental public space of 2000m2 : La Cartonnerie.


Chez Albert – Marseille

— February, 01 2016

Chez Albert Chez Albert project is carried out on a proposal of La Semeuse in the context of a residence at the Laboratoires d’ Aubervilliers. Key actors Main promoters: – Yes We Camp was born during the Camping Marseille 2013 project (an artistic and alternative project of ephemeral base camp that was built in 2013 […]


Safety navigation for Senior citizens – Oulu

— February, 01 2016

Safety navigation for Senior Citizens A smart phone based navigation system with easy-to-use interface to be used by senior citizens and their relatives. The number of elderly is increasing in the future.


Place au changement ! – Saint-Etienne

— February, 01 2016

Place au changement! – Place of change! The Public Urban Planning Agency of Saint-Etienne (EPASE) launched a call for projects « Défrichez-là » to design a temporary public space located near the Châteaucreux train station and the Chappe-Ferdinand area.


Place It! de James Rojas

— February, 01 2016

Place It! de James Rojas – Place It! by James Rojas From his experience as an urban planner during 20 years, James Rojas realized how difficult it was to make unprofessionals participate to urban planning of their city.


Garage Moderne – Bordeaux

— February, 01 2016

Garage moderne – Modern garage Le Garage Moderne has been one of the first solidarity-based garages in France. From 1990 to 2010 motorists have spent between 4500 and 5500 euros per year.


Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin – Helsinki

— February, 01 2016

Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin – More city to Helsinki In 2009 Mikko Särelä started a group on Facebook called Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin. The aim was to create an easily approachable forum for people with the same interest,


Haringey Warehouse Community – London

— February, 01 2016

Haringey Warehouse Community The “project” is more like a range of initiatives to develop a deeper sense of community and solidarity among warehouse residents. Haringey Arts, a resident-led organisation, is the “spider in the web” of these initiatives.


Canning Town Caravanserai – London

— February, 01 2016

Canning Town Caravanserai The on-site facilities of the Caravanserai were built over two years, with more than 50 volunteer trainees working alongside experienced tradespeople. Everything was constructed without prefabricated systems.


Linnaruumiprojekt – Tallinn

— February, 01 2016

Linnaruumiprojekt – Urban project The initiative started in 2010 as a try-out for 2011 when Tallinn was the cultural capital of Europe. It has gradually grown every year and is a very strong part of Jazzkaar festival.


TEEME ÄRA! – Estonia

— February, 01 2016

TEEME ÄRA! – Let’s do it ! It’s the day of collective action that has been taking place in different forms all over Estonia since the year 2008. In 2008 people gathered together to clean Estonia from illegal garbage,


Il Mercato della Terra di Milano – Milan

— February, 01 2016

Il Mercato della Terra di Milano- Milan Earth Market The Milan Earth Market opened for the first time on Saturday December 12, 2009, in Largo Marinai d’Italia (Zone 4). It was the second Slow Food market in Italy to be held in a major city,


Critical City – Milan

— February, 01 2016

Critical City CriticalCity was established in 2007 thanks to the passion and the efforts of four young friends who had the idea of creating a new type of urban game aiming at transforming the public space trough creative actions run by the citizens.