Marcin Rusak – Botanic Psyche

— September, 29 2018

Spazio Nobile’s currently “Botanic Psyche” exhibition reunites designers Marlène Huissoud and Marcin Rusak who both use nature as the material for their works.

The ‘Ornemaniste’: Pierre Marie

— September, 27 2018

Artist and designer Pierre Marie tells TLmas about his newly opened his own gallery in Paris which will showcase his collaborations with craftspeople

Material Tendencies: Werner Aisslinger

— September, 26 2018

The experimental use of new materials distinguishes the work of Werner Aisslinger, a designer who likes to dive into different territories and who transforms his discoveries into a new context within the field of design.

Formes Libres Studio: A Debut

— September, 25 2018

Sophie Gohr celebrates the simple, the forgotten and the discarded at her debut exhibition which showcases her jewelry and ceramic design

Love + Violence, Hearts + Clubs

— September, 25 2018

In juxtapositions of love and violence the multimedia artist Sterling Ruby’s exhibition at the Pierre Marie Giraud gallery explores Hearts + Clubs

Stitching Dreams: The House of Lesage

— September, 24 2018

Embroidery takes patience, skill, and creativity. TLmag talks to The House of Lesage’s artistic director Hubert Barrère about this age old tradition and current innovations within the craft

Mounir Fatmi – Archaeology of Materials

— September, 23 2018

At the Götesborgs Konstahall, Mounir Fatmi considers the importance of materials as a tool for the future understanding of our present modes of technology and communication.

Why Materials Matter

— September, 21 2018

TLmag talks to Seetal Solanki, founder and director of design research studio Ma-tt-er about their new book ‘Why Materials Matter’

Marcin Rusak – Imperishable Knowledge

— September, 15 2018

Currently exhibited at Horta Museum and Spazio Nobile Gallery in Brussels, Marcin Rusak challenges the material and cultural boundaries of flower production.

13th Tallinn Design Festival!

— September, 15 2018

The Final Human Cities Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018 event will be held in Tallinn during  XIII Tallinn Design Festival. In fact Human Cities is this year’s theme of the festival.

Dried & Soft: Laureline Galliot

— September, 11 2018

Laureline Galliot presents her distinctive designs, created using new technological tools such as the iPad, at Balsan as part of Paris Design Week 2018