100 years of Achille Castiglioni!

— November, 22 2018

TLmag talks to Patricia Urquiola and Federica Sala about their curation of ‘A Castilgioni’ – a monolithic exhibition celebrating the Milanese design maestro

Up Next: Design Miami/ 2018

— November, 21 2018

For its 14th edition Design Miami/ 2018 will focus on new and experimental materials, craft-based approaches, Latin American Design and a sense of play

Belgian Fashion Awards

— November, 16 2018

Meeting with Rafael Jimenez, founder of the Plan 8 consulting agency, and member of the international jury of last edition of Belgian Fashion Award.

Land/Scapes: A Preview

— November, 16 2018

Tranquil and wild, landscapes have inspired creatives for centuries, Spazio Nobile takes up this theme with their 10th exhibition ‘Land/Scapes’

What are the Colours of Transparency?

— November, 15 2018

How does the craft of glasswork fit into the contemporary art and design scenes? Find out at ‘Colours of Transparency’, an exhibition by the Studio of Glass

Causing a Buzz: The Poetry of the Bee

— November, 13 2018

The newly released book, ‘The Poetry of the Bee’ traces the influence that these remarkable and essential creatures have had on the creative world at large

Eric van Hove – Mahjouba Marrakech

— November, 03 2018

When is a motorbike not just a motorbike? When it’s the Mahjouba 1, a prototype by conceptual artist Eric van Hove, designed for use in the streets of Marrakesh.

Looking Back: Dutch Design Week 2018

— November, 02 2018

From emotional robots to giant cuddly bears, the 17th edition of Dutch Design Week wowed its 355,000 visitors with the mechanical, the social and the wondrous