Brodie Neill’s Drop in the Ocean

— November, 02 2017

We spoke with Australian designer Brodie Neill about his recent installation at the ME London hotel, focused on the impact of human activity on ocean waste


Oh couleurs! at the MADD Bordeaux

— November, 01 2017

Curated by Constance Rubini with scenography by Pierre Charpin, the exhibition explores the way users interact with the colours in designed objects


Tal R Does “Academia”

— October, 31 2017

The extensive work of the Danish artist is being displayed in a mid-career retrospective, the Academy of Tal R, at the Museum Boijmans van Beunigen in Rotterdam


Marriage Sauvage Style

— October, 30 2017

French duo Atelier Sauvage was commissioned to replace the furniture in the wedding room of a 19th-century mairie in Paris. The result? They went to town on the town hall.


The Way Beyond Art at the Van Abbemuseum

— October, 28 2017

The Eindhoven museum presents a new sprawling exhibition featuring its own collection. Curators Christiane Berndes and Steven ten Thije discuss the role of its other custodian: the community.


Camp David

— October, 27 2017

Changing the co-working formula, Milk Group’s Mazdack Rassi and Erez Shternlicht open Camp David in…


Ruptura at Luciana Brito NY Project

— October, 26 2017

São Paulo’s Luciana Brito teams up with New York Brazilian design gallery Espasso to mount the first in a series of three historical exhibitions combining art and design.


Kiki and Joost’s Tinkering Labs

— October, 26 2017

We’ve put together a list of some of the standout projects on display during Dutch Design Week at Kiki and Joost’s new Eindhoven studio


Jean-François D’Or’s FRArGILE

— October, 25 2017

This month, the Belgian designer becomes the curator of FRArGILE, an exhibition at the Maison des Arts in Schaerbeek that explores the fragility of an everyday material like clay


Sunbrella Shines at the DDW

— October, 25 2017

Two projects by Charles Pétillon, Michiel de Greef and Dries van Wagenberg on view during the Dutch Design Week highlight the possibilities of Sunbrella fabrics


Atelier NL Rings the Alarm on Sand

— October, 25 2017

The Dutch duo collected wild sand from around the globe to highlight the upcoming scarcity of one of the most valuable —and yet underrated— resources for contemporary life


François Daireaux’s Blow Firozabad Bangles

— October, 24 2017

Daireaux’s solo exhibition at the mudac Lausanne reveals the singular but universal artistic vision through his comings and goings between the glassmaking cities of Firozabad and Meisenthal


The New Radicals of Arita

— October, 23 2017

Six Netherlands-based artists and designers went to Arita, in Japan, for a porcelain residency. The results are showcased in New Radicals, an exhibition at this year’s Dutch Design Week.


The New and the New-New Dutch Icons

— October, 23 2017

Who is the new Mondrian? 100 years after the birth of De Stijl, two exhibitions during this year’s Dutch Design Week try to find an answer to that question.


Oohs and Aahs at the DDW

— October, 22 2017

Visiting most of the Dutch Design Week exhibitions is akin to stepping inside a DeLorean headed to 2037. But how did the more present-based displays fare in terms of audience response?


Ai Weiwei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

— October, 20 2017

Foremost artist and human rights activist Ai Wei Wei teams with various industry partners; the Public Art Fund and the City of New York to mount an extensive series of site-specific installations that address the pressing refugee crises.


Sonic Arcade at MAD

— October, 19 2017

This autumn and winter, New York’s MAD Museum dedicates the majority of its galleries to an immersive series of interactive installations that reveal the wide history and application of sound art.


Rabih Hage on Design Collecting

— October, 19 2017

The RIBA-chartered architect talks about the 2017 design market Detnk report —and advises future collectors where to look for sound investments in design collecting


FH Joaneum interview with Frank van Hasselt

— October, 18 2017

Frank van Hasselt is Chief Executive of Clear Village, a London-based charity that helps communities build a better future through creative regeneration. At the Graz symposium “Five Days in Jakomini”-experimentation labs he talks about the Clear Village charity and how stealing from other cities can be a good thing.



— October, 18 2017

MASTERCLASS TITLE: “Altercartography” DATES: From 9/5/2016 to 12/5/2016. 09:00 to 14:00 LOCATION: BIZKAIA ARETOA, UNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY (UPV-EHU), Bilbao. AND STREETS OF BILBAO GIVEN BY the artist of international prestige,


“Walking the Streets!”

— October, 18 2017

Experiment “Walking the streets!” was carried out in Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco y Zabala neighbourhoods in the framework of the Human Cities project in Bilboa.   The initial goal is to develop,