Danish Design Goes Couture

— March, 28 2018

This year, MINDCRAFT rolls up its sleeves: the Fuorisalone exhibition, curated by Ditte Hammerstrøm, asked 17 Danish designers to get to the core of their chosen materials


Video story – Hypermatière : contributive projects, spaces and economy

— March, 25 2018

Hypermatière is a multidisciplinary group set up for Saint-Etienne Human Cities experimentations launched by Cité du design in 2016. Responding to Cité du design call for intitiative (CHOSE), several figures joined their forces: a designer studio and an independent designer: Captain Ludd and Magalie Rastello ;


Anton Alvarez : Unexpected wishes

— March, 24 2018

The young Stockholm-based creator Anton Alvarez, produces innovative sculptures, and participated workshop entitled “A New Layer” in Taiwan.


Scholten & Baijings

— March, 23 2018

For Asian Aesthetics edition, TL Mag met the couple of designer Stefan Scholtens & Carole Baijings who produces pieces of Japanese inspiration.


Mumbai Goes MANIERA

— March, 21 2018

For MANIERA 06, the Belgian gallery showcased handmade furniture from Bijoy Jain’s Studio Mumbai


Paris – Tokyo : Culinary refinement and sake

— March, 15 2018

Paris is often considered to be the capital of gastronomy. Nevertheless the biggest city of France is packed with Asiatic treasures and notably Japanese. Small reckless adventure between Paris and Tokyo.


Material Tendencies: Sir Peter Cook

— March, 15 2018

To the British architect, the tendency of the 21st century is the controllability of the wall: “We can make a wall do and look like anything.”


LAB Glass: From Fabrica to Los Angeles

— March, 14 2018

With the Da Vetro collection, made exclusively for LA’s THE LAB, a group of young artists and designers from the Treviso centre test the limits of borosilicate glass


Nacho Carbonell Makes a Patio out of Beer

— March, 13 2018

During this year’s Madrid Design Festival, the Spanish designer collaborated with local beer brand Alhambra to honour the Alhambra itself —that is, the one in Granada


Duo Designers East X West : Chen & Williams

— March, 10 2018

Currently exhibits at Collectible fair 21st Century Design (07.03 – 11.03.18) and later in Art Brussels with Spazio Nobile Gallery, TL Mag met duo designer Chen & William and talked about their collaboration.