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Protecting Packaging Design?

Array — April, 19 2010

What makes good packaging design — and how can it be protected on the Belgian and international market? In this seminar, experienced consultants specialised in branding and packaging and legal advisors shared advise to young designers and entrepreneurs.

How to start my Own Brand? – 14 January

Array — January, 14 2010

How to create and build up a brand in the fashion and accessories sector — and protect it on the Belgian and international market? In this seminar, legal experts, renown designers (Hubert Verstraeten,

Luc Druez : Metamorphosis: 16 September – 31 October

Array — September, 14 2009

In the framework of Design September 2009, Creative Space hosted Luc Druez’s textile creations, a limited edition of fabrics made from hijacked technical fibers, mixing textile and copper. With the support of Detrois.

OVO editions / Pol Quadens: 25 June – 12 September

Array — June, 28 2009

OVO Editions is the label for the design furniture collection by Pol Quadens. Produced in Corian® and carbon fiber in his Brussels workshop, this collection reflected the search for beauty, balance and purity of the Belgian designer.

Charlotte Walry: Jeu

Array — June, 10 2009

An encounter between Charlotte Walry, a graduate from the textile design studio of the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the fashion designer Chrystl Fischer. From 2007 to 2009 (the two years of her Master’s degree) Charlotte Walry developed a highly innovative technique within textile creation.

How can a Designers Protect Their Work ?

Array — May, 07 2009

What are the best practices to optimise the protection and value of your design products ? In this workshop, experts and renown furniture designers shared advise to aspiring and young designers.

Anna Torfs

Array — January, 01 2006

From 13 December 2008 to 28th February 2009, contemporary glassware designer Anna Torfs presented a selection of her work at the brand new Creative Space in Brussels.

Creative Space Kreon

Creative Space Kreon – Pro Materia was a unique and very fruitful collaboration of 3 years – between 2008 and 2010 – thanks to the teaming up with Kreon‘s director Ben Vaessen and his creative team based in Limburg and worldwide,