Weber Philipp

Philipp Weber (*1987) graduated in 2012 from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands with his B.A. In 2013 his project A Strange Symphony, an allegory between glass and music, won the New Talent Award of the Berlin Design Festival DMY and in 2015 the Bavarian State Prize for Young Designers. His work has been acquired by the mudac in Switzerland as well as by the Museum of Glass in Shanghai. Weber is in search of emotional qualities within production processes. Questions like: What is the meaning of the human relation to a material and its processing?’ guide his approach. Weber believes that in an increasingly digitalized world the comprehension and appreciation for ‘the making’ is getting lost. By expressing arcane values in manufacture he poses new prospects on production processes and craftsmanship. Recently he graduated with his M.A. from the University of the Arts in Berlin in which he worked on his latest project From Below.