By opening Spazio Nobile in April 2016, in the dynamic and cosmopolitan Ixelles neighbourhood of Brussels (Belgium), Lise Coirier and Gian Giuseppe Simeone have united their passions for design and art history, initiating a dialogue between contemporary applied arts, design and photography. Commissioning unique pieces, limited editions and installations that are both experimental and artistic, with a particular sensibility to everything nature and minerality, the gallery organises four to five exhibits each year, dedicated to both rising and established talents, without creating borders between the disciplines, the visual arts dialoguing with the fine arts.

Matilda Kästel

Born in Sweden, Lives in Stockholm, 2013 – Graduated from the Konstfack University College of Arts in Crafts and Design, 2013 – Created her own studio, Received some grants such as from the Estrid Ericssons Trust in 2010-2011,


The traditional Swiss brand personality flourishes in a symbiosis of design, quality and function. As the premium brand under the umbrella of the ROCA group LAUFEN is one of the leading international manufacturers with a worldwide distribution.

Lucile Soufflet

Born in Belgium, Lives in Brussels, 1998 – Graduated from the La Cambre Brussels, 2000 – Created her own studio, Teacher at La Cambre and consultant for a number of architect offices and local authorities.

Christian Ghion

Born in France, Lives in Paris, 1982 – Graduated from the School of Architecture in Charenton, 1998 – Created his own studio, 1999 –  Collaborated with Salviati and Daum,

Tomas Kral

Born in Slovakia, Lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2009– Graduated from the ECAL Lausanne, 2009 – Created his own studio, 2010 – Received the Swiss Federal Design Award, Worked for international companies like Praxis,

Limited Edition

Limited Edition is a Belgian family-owned company which is run by Philippe Hanet, Katia and James Dewitte.
Their fine rugs Made in Belgium are the result of a high level of design,

Maison Vervloet

Since 1905, Maison Vervloet is a master-creator of high-end, unique handcrafted hardware such as door, window and furniture handles, home objects and any other precious brass or bronze accessory that finishes put the final touch to your interior.


The brand Lasvit, founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimič, sheds a new light on Bohemian glass by combining the authenticity of glass craft with innovative technologies and creative craftsmanship. In a few years,


2Tec2 is part of Limited Edition’s group, a family-owned company with a long tradition in the textile industry. Launched in 2005, all the collection is designed and woven in Belgium. 2tec2’s aims to provide innovation into today’s commercial floorings.


In 1830, Michael Thonet began experimenting with what was soon to be known as “bentwood” furniture and it was not long before Thonet and his sons were producing this furniture on an industrial scale.


Wästberg launched its premier collection in 2008 and although this newcomer appears to have come out of nowhere – nothing could be further from the truth. Its founder, Magnus Wästberg, was born into the lighting trade and had through experience gained an understanding for the need to fuse aesthetic sensibility with Swedish engineering mentality.