By opening Spazio Nobile in April 2016, in the dynamic and cosmopolitan Ixelles neighbourhood of Brussels (Belgium), Lise Coirier and Gian Giuseppe Simeone have united their passions for design and art history, initiating a dialogue between contemporary applied arts, design and photography. Commissioning unique pieces, limited editions and installations that are both experimental and artistic, with a particular sensibility to everything nature and minerality, the gallery organises four to five exhibits each year, dedicated to both rising and established talents, without creating borders between the disciplines, the visual arts dialoguing with the fine arts.

Sabine Marcelis

Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis lives and works in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Raised in New Zealand, she studied industrial design for two years at Victoria University of Wellington, then continued her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven,

Fabrice Domercq

Born in Paris in 1965, Fabrice Domercq lives and works in Brussels and the Bordeaux region. After opening a design agency in Italy, where he lived for around 15 years,

François Azambourg

François Azambourg explores the expressive potential of manufacturing processes and the shaping of materials, whether industrial or handmade, innovative or traditional. François Azambourg’s work is driven by research, the alliance of art and techniques,

François Daireaux

François Daireaux seeks out original sites around the world; his travels take him wherever people live and work. Away from tourist maps or any form of exoticism, for almost 25 years François Daireaux has travelled alone to new countries to record his experiences.

Tibor Weissmahr

Tibor Weissmahr was born in Munich, Germany. After leaving school, he combined civilian service with 2 years of law studies at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, then he decided to change focus and study product design.

Fred Rieffel

Fred Rieffel opened his own design studio based in Strasbourg in the beginning of 1998. Since then, he has developed furniture in collaboration with numerous French and international companies including Arfa,

Grim Design – Cécile & Gabrielle Grimaldi

Cécile et Gabrielle Grimaldi, born in 1980, who trained at the Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg and the École des Beaux-arts de Saint-Etienne (respectively), founded Grimdesign in 2007. Under this identity,

Bořek Šípek

Bořek Šípek was born in 1949 in Prague. After his studies at the secondary school for applied arts in Prague from 1964-1968, and then in Hamburg from 1969 to 1973,

David Hanauer

David Hanauer is born in 1982 in Germany. ” Considering a more conscious way of living and dealing with objects, the work is strongly contemporary on the one hand showing solutions for a possible future on the other hand.

Jasper Morrison

The creator of “new simplicity” in the field of design, Jasper Morrison is one of the most famous British designers. He was born in London in 1959, and first attended Kingston Polytechnic Design Studio in 1979.

Werner Aisslinger

Berlin-based Werner Aisslinger, born in 1964, has opened design studios in Berlin and Singapore. After studying at the UdK in Berlin, he taught as a professor of design at the HFG Karlsruhe from 1998-2008,

Claude Saos

Claude Saos was born in Brest in 1972, and lives and works in Strasbourg. Graduating from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Quimper in photography, after attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Brest and the Utrecht HKU (Netherlands) in the design section,

Christelle Familiari

Christelle Familiari builds her work in connection with her body; meshes, twists, braiding, weaving and threading are born from her movements, with no intermediary. Her work often questions the relationship of the body to another,

Ferréol Babin

Ferréol Babin was born in 1987. After receiving his first diploma from ENSA in Dijon, he added the Nagoya University of Art & Design in Japan. On his return to France,

David Dubois

Designer and scenographer David Dubois graduated in 2003 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris, where he lives and works. He chose to develop his efforts in the areas of design and fashion,

Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard

Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard, born in 1980, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, before studying product design at the ECAL/University of Arts and Design Lausanne,

Studio Monsieur – Manon Leblanc & Romain Diroux

Studio Monsieur is a design studio founded in 2012 by Manon Leblanc and Romain Diroux. They work on various projects such as product design, furniture, lighting and set design for exhibitions and cultural events.

Andreas Brandolini

Andreas Brandolini was born in 1951 in Tauscha, Germany, near Leipzig. After studying architecture in Berlin, he worked as an independent designer in Ulm until 1981, then founded experimental design collective Bellefast in Berlin,

Régis Mayot

Régis Mayot was born in 1970 in Metz and studied architecture in Strasbourg and decorative arts in Paris. After a long work with plastics – the “Bidonvilles, Mînes, still life,

Valeriane Lazard & Paul Brissonnet

Graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven under the guidance of Ilse Crawford and Formafantasma, Valeriane Lazard had gained experience in the field of interior and product design working at John Pawson,

Oscar Zieta

Contemporary industrialist Oskar Zięta invents new processes, set to meet future needs. A hyper rationalist, the Wrocław-based architect-turned-designer
gives new meaning to the term ‘less is more.’ Having introduced FiDU technology – stabilized inflated metal – in 2007,

Matthias Kohn

Matthias Kohn was born and raised in the west of Germany (1984).
After an apprenticeship as a stone sculptor, he completed a degree at the Academy of Crafts and Design in Aachen.